Milica Barac

From IBCM student to IBCM employee

Milica Barac – IBCM Bachelor Graduate 2015


What is your name, and where are you from?
Milica Barac, from Leposavic, Kosovo

How old are you?
I am 25 years old.

When did you finish IBCM?
I graduated in May, 2015.

What did you study?
Environmental and Agricultural Management (EAM).

Where do you work now?
I work at International Business College Mitrovica as Marketing Assistant.

What is your job?
My job as Marketing Assistant is to create events and marketing strategies through which the college is promoted, gaining the best results with minimum expenditure; compiling and distributing financial and statistical information such as budget spreadsheets’; analyzing questionnaires; organizing and hosting presentations and customer visit; assisting with promotional activities; visiting customers/external agencies; helping to organize market research; online traffic with web-related campaigns and writing online content.

Is there chance for improving yourself?
Yes, there is always chance for improvement.  I started to work at IBCM as a street promoter and had a part-time job. Now I have the position of Marketing Assistant with full-time job and my own office.

Is it dynamic job?
Yes it is, because every day there is something new, I have to be creative, and to have fresh ideas for promotions.

Do you travel?
The job requires for me to travel a lot, because we promote IBCM all over Kosovo.

Are you satisfied with your job?
I’m very satisfied with my job, because it possesses great creativity and responsibility. In this way I gain a work ethic and supplement my knowledge in a way that will contribute a lot to the development of my further career. Also IBCM is an institution which provides a great working environment, and the working conditions are very good.

Do you apply knowledge gained at IBCM?
In my job communication is very important. IBCM taught me how to introduce myself and the institution which I represent in the best way. I also apply knowledge gained in formal writing, formal communication, strategies of advertising, market research and segmentation of market, which I learned at IBCM and throughout my practical experience.

How did IBCM help you with seeking and finding a job?
IBCM have a department which is called “Career Center“, and their main job is to help and inform students and alumni about internships, trainings, and job opportunities. So they announced an open job position for Marketing Assistant, which I applied for with success.

Tell me something about experiences and skills that you got by studying at IBCM which you use in your job?
I have greatly improved my English language skills, communication skills and also organizational skills. I have also learned to work in team as well as alone, all of this I learned while studying and through practice.

Is there only a theory lessons or you had and practice lessons too?
During their studies, students must complete two internships. First, I completed my 4th semester at a company called ‘Garden Center’. ‘Garden Center’ is an import company which deals in wholesale and retail of horticultural products and accessories. They are known as ‘The Green Oasis of Belgrade’, because of the enjoyable ambience and the largest selections of plants. The first month of my job was related to the maintenance of plants, the second month I was in charge of administration, and third month for decorating both interior and exterior of companies. It was my first experience in the profession.

My second internship I finished at Trepca (Flatation in Leposavic), where I completed analysis of ores, which was also a good experience, because I could use my knowledge from Advanced Biology and Biochemistry.

Why did you choose IBCM?
During our studies we have an obligation to complete two internships, as I said before, so you have already gained working experience. And since all classes are in English, it enables you to improve your language skills, so when you leave IBCM you have more opportunities to find a job.

Did staff and teachers help you during your studies?
Yes of course, professors were always available for students and you can always approach them without hesitation.  Student Service is always open for students also.

Is there anyone special who helped you?
Yes, I`m very grateful to my Professors Aleksandar Djikic and Jelena Djokic who helped me a lot during studies and spur selection.

Why would students apply for IBCM?
Students should apply for IBCM because of its motto ‘From Theory to Practice’, this process of learning produces excellent results.  IBCM offers international students exchange opportunities in collaboration with its international partner colleges and universities, and the program is completed in the English language.