IBCM student Dino Kukic on internship in Germany, in a Munich based company, internations GMBH

As part of his 7th semester curriculum, Dino Kukic – a student from the International Sales and Marketing program – is currently doing his internship in Germany, in a Munich based company, InterNations GmbH.



Many questions arise when it comes to searching for a place for an internship. Which city I’d like to be into, which company I’d like to work for, which area of my study I’d like to get to know better at this moment, and many others that question our decisions. Usually it’s never easy to answer those and even though we could have some desires of our own, the circumstances could lead us other way. As for myself, I was eager to combine my interests and thus build upon them. Therefore, as a marketing student, interested in online technologies I was seeking an internship that would address online marketing.

As a part of the Online Marketing department at InterNations I have worked within the SEO team where I am learning the
newest trends within the SEO industry and building upon my previous knowledge about it. I consider myself lucky for being accepted in a place that aims to bring the intern experience to the high level by organizing activities and workshops outside working hours. As part of InterNations I have attended many events here in Munich out of which the most special one would be Oktoberfest. In addition, as part of the blogging workshop with two of my colleagues, Italian and Spanish, we started BOXbuilding a website called The Survival Bible. A humorous website aimed towards the students describing the funny side of the student life.This is how I ran across internship ad for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Team at InterNations. After few tests and an interview I got accepted and thus my journey begun. InterNations is relatively small company, a social network, started in 2007 with an idea of connecting expats together or, as my Spanish friend likes to call it, “a Facebook for expats”.

Company culture is just one side of it. Munich, as a capital city of Bavaria offers a lot in terms of rich culture and beautiful architecture. I have been here for over 2 months and there is still a lot to be seen.

Dino Kukic, IBCM 7th semester student, International Sales and Marketing program