IBCM Internship Success: Egzon Ismajli

Egzon really made the most of his internship at the Ministry of Agriculture:

Considering the fact that this internship was about gaining experience and sharpening your professional career, I can say that achieving this was the most enjoyable aspect. I also really enjoyed the harmony in the office, where the staff never hesitated to help each other, and particularly helped me as an intern.


My studies at IBCM really helped me to act as a professional at work and I used my knowledge to apply the easiest and best methods to complete my duties. Specifically, the skills gained at IBCM in programs such as Excel and Word were very helpful in making me more effective.

The biggest challenge for me was a task where I had to insert Farm Accountancy & Data Network (FADN) data from an old version to a new version of a certain program. This duty needed patience and commitment since it required the adaptation and categorization of data. However, the challenge was overcome by collaboration of colleagues in the office.

My advice to any other students who may have the opportunity to do their internship at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development are:

  • To be patient while working here, and behave professionally
  • To be committed and work hard in your duties in order to get more experience and learn new things.
  • To represent IBCM in the best way they can.

And what did his supervisor have to say?

It is great to have a student like Egzon, and we were honored to have among us a young person like him. He is a very smart guy and very interested in obtaining new knowledge, and has strong discipline at work. There is no need to repeat things twice, since he immediately absorbs the essence of the subject.

I would advise any future interns to also be willing to obtain new knowledge about the responsibilities and duties that the relevant institution carries out.


Well done Egzon!