Flamur Abazaj

“Graduated from IBCM, he completed his internship in the USA and later found a job in BDSwiss German communications company in Kosovo.”


Flamur Abazaj – IBCM Bachelor graduate 2015


What`s your name and where are you from?
Flamur Abazaj from Mitrovica, Kosovo

How old are you?
I am 22.

When did you finished ibcm?
This year, May 2015.

What did you study?
I studied Environmental and Agricultural management

Where do you work now?
I am working at a BDSwiss, it is a Communications company, so we work as an outlet for Swiss and German companies to handle their internet and phone customer services. Most of the companies we work with are retailers and banks.

How you found a job?
They were looking for an employee with specific skills where the three main skills were being able to speak German, having experience in dealing with customers, and also being able to carry out administrative duties.

What is your position?
I am working as a Communications Agent.

What is your job?
I handle the communication between the firm and the clients, a type of customer service. I am also in charge of some administration duties and recruitment training.

Is there chance for improving yourself?
I definitely think that I can improve myself. One of the things that I consider myself to be good at is people, dealing with them, understanding them and this workplace gives me the ultimate ability to do that on a regular routine. Working with people and becoming better in my perception of situations is what it is all about.

Can you be promoted?
I can, but that will take time. I am not really heading for that direction since my main goal for the moment is to be able to get a master scholarship somewhere abroad to further my academic capabilities.

Is your job dynamic?
Yes, because things can change in seconds. It can go from not doing anything, into having a huge task that needs to be accomplished in two hours. Mostly because a lot of customers tend to be really picky and also busy, so they want from us to be able to do the job while they have free time to check on it, since most of the time they are working and traveling.

Do you travel?
Every once in a while .

Are you satisfied with your job and why?
I am, the first reason is because after having worked in an American work environment, Kosovo`s  work environments and other ones. Now I get to see and work in German one which tends to be more strict and straight forward. It helps to give a great overview of what the work ethics are like in different cultures.

Why did you choose the career for which you are preparing?
My interests lie mostly towards renewable energy and energy efficiency. I chose those sectors due to the ability to combine several of my passions, such as, renewables, physics, environmental management and so on.

Why did you chose IBCM?
Because it was the best option to be able to study locally.

Did your former education was linked with IBCM?
No, I finished the Gymnasium Frang Bardhi in Mitrovica. I was also an exchange student during year 12 in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA.

How IBCM helped you in your career?
It allowed me to grow in the fields that I was most interested in.

Which opportunities did IBCM bring to you?
They were always on the hunt to find students possible jobs and internships, and as well trainings and conference opportunities.

Where did you complete your internships?
The first one was in Minneapolis, USA at the Great Plains Institute for sustainable development, and the second one was in Mitrovica at the Lin Project.

What did you do there?
I was very lucky to be able to work at the Great Plains Institute for Sustainable Development in Minneapolis, MN, USA. They had a strong vision and professionalism; however, they were able to mix in a sense of silliness in order to make the work environment fun and always entertaining. I was involved in several projects that the institute was working on. The two main ones were an analysis of the energy efficiency of commercial buildings in Minnesota, where we did a lot of data collection and analysis, after that we expanded to an analysis for the entire midwestern region of the USA. The second main project that I was able to work with the GreenStep Cities Project

What did you learn?
I learned a lot about organizational culture and how to be able to cope with projects of different levels.

Tell me something about experiences and skills that you got by studing at IBCM?
A large increase in academic capabilities and general knowledge in a lot of needed fields. At IBCM we learned a lot about customer relations and services and I have been able to apply all of those theories into practice, and ultimately make use of the IBCM moto of “From theory to practice” that same goes for the internship in the USA. Most of the theories and methodologies that I learned in class were helpful for me to be able to put up with the hard workloads that I faced from time to time.

Did staff and teachers help you during studies and seeking job?
They did it for all students. However, I did not personally benefit from it.

Why whould students apply for IBCM?

IBCM offers an international experience in the middle of Kosovo without having to leave the borders of the country. When you attach the qualitative and modern study approaches that IBCM teaching offers to their student it simply makes for a great place to kick off your first steps into a world of change for Kosovo and beyond.

Special thanks to Flamur for partaking in this interview and to Hamide Trepca who connected me with him.