Dijana Hasani

“After her internship Dijana found a job as Project Assistant in the same organisation, and one month ago she was promoted to Project Officer.”



Dijana Hasani – IBCM Bachelor graduate 2015


What is your name, and where are you from?
My name is Dijana Hasani, and I am from Mitrovica, Kosovo.

How old are you?
I’m 25 years old

When did you finish IBCM?
I graduated in May 2014.

What did you study?
Marketing and Management for AP, and International Sales and Marketing for my Bachelor degree.

Where do you work now?
I work at the European Centre for Minority Issues(ECMI) as a Project Officer.

What is your position?
I started as an intern in September 2013, which was as part of my compulsory internship for IBCM’s 7th semester. After the internship I continued to work in the same organization as a Project Assistant. One month ago I was promoted to Project Officer and I’m currently managing the North Mitrovica field office for EMCI and I’m working on the implementation of all ECMI projects for all municipalities in north Kosovo.

What is your job?
I’m working implementing all projects in the north. Currently ECMI has a project within which we organize capacity building programs for municipality officials, local communities (women and youth) and local civil society organizations. Previously, I participated in organizing various humanitarian activities and street action, one of which was marketing for the international day against drugs abuse. We also conduct research on various topics ‐ ECMI follows political developments regarding inorities in Kosovo, and writes political updates and analysis.

Are there chances to improving yourself?
Yes there is, as I mentioned in previous answer. I started as an intern and now I work as a project officer, managing the office on the North.

Is it a dynamic job?
Yes, the job is very dynamic it allows me to express my ideas, to be creative, and to work on situations which I perceive as problems for minority communities.

Do you travel?
Yes, considering that we are covering four municipalities on the north I travel frequently there, as well as to other parts of Kosovo.

Are you satisfied with your job?
Yes, because I’m very interested in what I am working on, and because this workplace enables me to improve myself and learn more every day.

Do you apply knowledge gained at IBCM?
Yes, I do, although work in non‐governmental sector is different from what we learned in International Sales and Marketing, I am still able to apply knowledge gained from marketing, communication, project management and certainly English language skills.

How has IBCM helped you in seeking and finding a job?
Studies at IBCM encouraged me and motivated me to seek employment opportunities and to actively engage in extra academic activities. Internships and learning through practice helped me to get in touch with work and apply knowledge that I gained at IBCM. At IBCM we also had opportunities to learn more about employment procedure (CV, motivation letters, interviews) which was a great assistance in the whole process of job seeking.

Tell me something about experiences and skills that you gained while studying at IBCM which you now use in your job?
The language that I use everyday is English, so the development of my English language skills at IBCM was very important for me. Since I am working on the implementation of different projects, what I find the most useful is knowledge gained from project management, budgeting, and planning and organizing classes.

Are there only theoretical lessons or did you have practical lessons too?
What distinguishes IBCM from other educational institutions is the great emphasis on learning through practice. I had two compulsory internships:

Firstly, in the 4th semester, I was working on a project for the NGO Community Building Mitrovica , “M magazine” where I used knowledge from marketing and communication subjects. As an example I developed a survey for accessing citizen opinion about the work of“M magazine” and suggestions for its improvement.

After the successful completion of my second internship during the 7th semester for ECMI, management at ECMI recognized my skills, knowledge, initiative, responsibility, flexibility and hard work, and they offered me a job. After a one and a half years of work and professional growth I was promoted to a position where I can manage, lead and even share my knowledge with new team members.

Why did you choose IBCM?
I choose IBCM because it was the only educational institution in Mitrovica which offered academic studies of my interest. Spurs which IBCM offer do not exist in public faculties in Mitrovica, so it was very appealing for me to start studying IBCM.

Did staff and teachers help you during your studies?
Yes, professors were very interactive and always available for students needs and questions, as well as the whole students service. As a student I could always approach each professor and ask for advice, they were always willing to of consultation to us, and provide us with advice, or any further explanations that we needed.

Is there anyone special who helped you?
I would not make any difference between the professors, I had good relations and support from each of them. If I had to choose I would decide on Professor Dori Pavloska who was head of our department and mentor for my bachelor thesis, and encouraged me, as well as the whole group, with the best professional and life advice.

Why would students apply for IBCM?
Students should apply for IBCM because they will have the opportunity to experience learning through unique methods, and because they will be well prepared for future working endeavors.

Special thanks to Dijana for hospitality and cooperation, and to Milena Stolic for arranging this interview.