English Department

The English language is an integral part of learning at IBCM. All undergraduate courses are conducted in English; additionally, we are the partner institution of the British Council Pristina. We offer a full range of British Council courses, and we are a recognized British Council testing centre.


English Services for Existing and Prospective Students

English Preparatory Courses

Affordable English language tuition, preparing you for life at the IBCM; open to everyone 16 years and over!

  • EPC caters to a range of language levels, ranging from A1 (Beginner, Basic User) to C1 (Upper Intermediate, Proficient User) on the Common European framework of Reference.

One of the most challenging elements to study at the IBCM is students learning, working and communicating in the English language. This is a very important part of your academic development at IBCM, and will very much improve your employability. We understand however, that for most new students, IBCM will be the first experience of using the English language on a daily basis. For this reason, the college is very pleased to offer English Preparatory Courses for all students thinking about study at IBCM, as well as others in the community.

English Preparatory Courses (EPC) is an inexpensive and relaxed opportunity to practice your English, grow in confidence with the language, and start your academic journey with the IBCM.

  • Open to everyone from 16 years old to adult;
  • Especially useful for students thinking of joining IBCM college studies;
  • No prior knowledge of English required;
  • Courses for beginners through to advanced;
  • All books and materials are provided for classroom use;
  • EPC costs just 10 EUR per month;
  • Official IBCM certificate upon course completion at a 5 EUR administration fee.

IBCM Academic Skills

Once you are a student in IBCM college, you will be supported, comprehensively, throughout the first three semesters of study with Academic English skills lessons. These lessons will provide you with all the basics required to succeed in your studies at IBCM. In addition to the academic skills lessons, all IBCM students have a dedicated English “tutorial day”, where students can book one-on-one appointments with an English teacher for any additional learning support required.

One-on-one tutorial support

In addition to academic skills classes, all IBCM students have a dedicated English ‘tutorial day’, with students able to book an appointment with an English teacher to discuss any additional learning support required.

English Language Services for Professionals

IBCM Bespoke Business English Courses

IBCM’s most popular English language product. Business English courses are tailored to the service sector and needs of the client, and are developed following a thorough assessment of participants’ existing language level.

An IBCM certificate is issued at the completion of every Business English course.

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IELTS Exam Preparation

A British Council/Cambridge University qualification graded to all standards of English, recognised and respected internationally, in partnership with the British Council.

  • IELTS is suitable for students between levels B1 (Pre-Intermediate, Independent User) to C2 (Advanced, Proficient User) on the Common European Framework of Reference.

IELTS Exam Preparation may be suitable if you are seeking:

  • an internationally recognised English qualification;
  • a qualification suitable for migrant visas to English speaking countries;
  • a qualification suitable for students wishing to study in English speaking academic institutions;
  • speaking focus undertaken by a native speaker.

The IELTS preparation course is perfect for anyone needing English as part of a work or immigration visa, a formal English qualification for their job, or just wants the prestige of an IELTS qualification for their hard work on our English course.

PET (Preliminary English Test)

Cambridge University English Language Assessment, in partnership with the British Council.

  • PET meets level B1 (Pre-Intermediate, Independent User) on the Common European Framework of Reference.

PET Exam Preparation may be suitable if you are seeking to:

  • understand the main points of straightforward instructions or public announcements;
  • deal with most of the situations you might meet when travelling as a tourist in an English-speaking country;
  • ask simple questions and take part in factual conversations in a work environment;
  • write letters/emails or make notes on familiar matters.

The PET exam is accepted by thousands of leading businesses and educational institutions worldwide. Top international companies such as Coca-Cola, DHL and Sony have used the PET exam. Many companies in the service and hospitality sector recognise PET as an indicator of sufficient language competency.

The PET exam will meet certain UK Home Office English language immigration requirements, as well as certain visa requirements from other countries. Please talk to a member of the English Department for more details.

KET (Key English Test)

Cambridge University English Language Assessment, in partnership with the British Council

  • KET meets level A2 (Elementary, Basic User) on the Common European Framework of Reference.

The Key English Test (KET) is a basic level qualification that shows you can use English to communicate in simple situations. It shows you have made a good start in learning English.

KET is the perfect introduction to the English language for those students wanting formal, internationally recognized certification of their language learning.

KET Exam Preparation may be suitable if you are seeking to:

  • understand and use basic phrases and expressions;
  • introduce yourself and answer basic questions about your personal details;
  • interact with English speakers who talk slowly and clearly;
  • write short, simple notes.

Contact IBCM Student Services for more details: north campus 028 409 013; south campus 028 534 834