Statement from students of IBCM North Campus

This statement regarding the possible closure of IBCM has been written by students of IBCM North Campus.


“When we have finally started believing that there is brighter future in the Balkans, something kicks our head. International Business College Mitrovica (IBCM) is not just the name. It has a soul. Therefore, it means a lot to all of us. It is not just diploma, marks and higher education. IBCM became the part of our lives. So, do not take away our efforts, days spent on learning, research, money, time… No one deserve to lose chance to believe in better educational opportunities.

Surely, every one of us can answer 1000 why’s for IBCM. Firstly, this college us our saving stroke for creating our future employment, chance to be part of innovative world and to be unique in this region. Furthermore, this is our opportunity to improve ourselves, to build our society in democratic way, to contribute in creation of better living standards. The only way to normally form future is to finish our studies, getting international experience and living our dreams. It is not easy to throw away one, two or three years of studying here. And comparing to all those faculties and colleges in region, we are blessed, since we really have experienced internationality, met people with different backgrounds, religion and nationalities. IBCM become the light at the end of tunnel. And losing it, we will be as birds without wings. We saw ourselves here, we connected emotionally with college, and there is a no better education for us.

We should not be victims of someone’s issues. Indeed, we deserve rights to have our education, to be those who will form our own lives, to continue doing what we love. Losing IBCM means losing sense of direction. Thank you for reading, I hope that you feel our concerns and hopes that we cherish. Our lives are shaped by this college, it means that more than 200 lives will be discouraged to try something other. We identified completely with our college.”

Students of IBCM North Campus