Summary of IBCM Funding Situation

International Business College Mitrovica (IBCM) will be forced to close its operations effective July 2017, if the Government of Kosovo does not deliver on its long-standing promises to take on its operational costs from international donors.

On 22 May 2017, The Embassies of Sweden, The Netherlands and Switzerland, SPARK and IBCM issued a joint press release urgently calling for the Government of Kosovo to release emergency funding for IBCM, in line with the signed international agreement.


SPARK, as IBCM’s managing organisation, is committed to working with the government and the international donor community to prevent closure of the college.

In their work with the government, SPARK has been very clear about the potential impact of IBCM’s closure. This has been reiterated by IBCM staff and students.

  • One hundred and seventy-four students would not be able to continue their studies at one of Kosovo’s highest quality higher education institutions. The forty percent of our students that are from minority communities would not be able to transfer to existing Kosovo higher education institutions.
  • The government would effectively waste millions of euros of international donor investment and break long-standing promises to European investors, seriously damaging the reputation of Kosovo towards the donor community.
  • An important symbol of hope in Mitrovica would be destroyed. For the communities that IBCM has touched, the college has come to represent belief in a better future: better education, better jobs, better co-operation between communities, better professional standards in public institutions. Mitrovica, and Kosovo, cannot afford to lose such a symbol.

The students, staff and community of IBCM urgently call on the government to honour their long-standing funding promises to IBCM and prevent closure of this unique and special college.

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