Evalag and British Council

Internationally Accredited

We are pleased to announce, that the accreditation commission of the German accreditation agency “Evaluationsagentur Baden-Wuerttemberg” EVALAG has awarded IBCM with both institutional and six program accreditation’s during its meeting at 31st of January 2013. The accreditations are valid from February 2013 onward and are prolonged till 2018 provided IBCM meets particular conditions till January 2015. With this decision, the IBCM is the first international higher education institution that has obtained European institutional and programme accreditation. This comes in addition to the agreement which the IBCM already had with Denmark on its double degrees. With this new development the diplomas of IBCM are externally valued amongst the best in Southeast Europe.

The International Business College Mitrovica (IBCM) is a teaching institution for students at 18+, which offers internationally accredited 2 year vocational Diplomas and 3½ years Bachelor degrees. IBCM is a non-for profit educational foundation, which operates under the auspices of the Dutch NGO SPARK. Delivering top class teaching to the highest European standards, the IBCM is also characterised by its application-oriented approach, which ensures that its graduates hold a qualification that is relevant to the rapidly developing regional job market. The IBCM motto, “From Theory to Practice”, is a commitment to a permanent orientation to the world of work. IBCM operates in cooperation with the Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Higher Education (EAL), the University College Lillebaelt (UCL) and the European education network SPACE. After IBCM opened its doors in March 2010 with an initial intake of 20 students, the student number jumped the 300 mark in October 2012.

EVALAG is a full member of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA). EVALAG accreditation thereby certifies that IBCM meets highest European quality standards on institutional as well as program levels. EVALAG is a high level accreditation agency which among others audited German top universities, such as the University of Heidelberg and the University of Konstanz.

To see the Institutional Accreditation seal please click here.

On top of the institutional accreditation, the following IBCM study programs had been accredited:

Academy Profession (AP) degree study program in Marketing and Management

Bachelor degree top-up study program in International Sales and Marketing

Academy Profession (AP) degree study program in Public Administration

Bachelor degree study program in Public Service Management

Academy Profession (AP) degree study program in Environmental and Agricultural Management

Bachelor degree top-up study program in Environmental and Agricultural Management.

IBCM is proud to be able to offer students international accredited double and triple degrees.

British Council

Since the first of May 2013 the IBCM is an “International English Language Testing System, (IELTS)” and “English for Speakers of Other Languages, (ESOL)” registration centre and testing venue of the British Council.

Interested candidates can register for and take IELTS and ESOL exams at the IBCM. In order to prepare interested candidates for participating in British Council exams, the IBCM offers specialised English language courses. The exams will be conducted by the IBCM and double graded by the British Council.
On the left side of this page interested candidates can find information about the different specialised English language courses the IBCM offers.Besides the British Council exams, IBCM also offers “English Preparatory Courses, (EPC)” for potential IBCM students of all age groups