IBCM Business Club Resuming this October

Business Club

IBCM Business Club is resuming this October. Since 2014, we have been bringing our international best practices to the local business community through the “Business Club” event series. This late October, we are resuming Business Club with the topic “Business Growth Through Association”, in both our campuses through two different events. The first event happening on the 26th at Riverview Campus will be led by IBCM lecturer Aleksandar Djikic. The second event happening on the 31st of October at Rioverside Campus on the same topic will be led by IBCM lecturer Ekrem Gjoka assisted by Ms. Djikic. This year’s topic aims at helping new businesses learn how to establish an association and what are the best practices.

This Business Club is delivered in local languages. It provides a space for shared learning, networking and development for locally operating businesses and organizations. While anyone interested can participate, this Business Club event is most suitable for small to medium enterprise owners and managers or those holding medium and senior management positions. Representatives from the public and private sectors as well as the NGO sector are welcome. Guests are invited to share their opinions and expertise on establishin assocaitions and to learn new strategies also to learn new strategies to do so. Participants will also get a chance to share ideas and answer questions from IBCM students.

Several other ‘Business Club’ events have taken place previously at IBCM. Usually, the Business Clubs targeted micro and small to medium enterprises to help them network and learn. These events covered a variety of topics and brought together business representatives from several industries. Some of previous topics included: ‘Basic Budgeting for Small Businesses’; ‘Navigating the Kosovo Tax System for your Small Business’; ‘Managing Conflict at the Workplace’ etc.

Through this Business Club we at IBCM aim to promote micro businesses and SMEs by providing a place where these entrepreneurs can learn, network and share.