Part-time Diploma at IBCM

IBCM is offering a part-time diploma programme in Public Administration / Public Service Management at the Academy Profession and Bachelor level. With this programme you can study on weekends and earn credits towards an EU-recognized Academy Profession (AP) diploma or Bachelor diploma.

The programme is designed for working professionals, for those who are unemployed but looking to improve their skills, competencies, and credentials, and who wish to study towards a recognized qualification while continuing to work.

Why should you enroll in this programme?

  • All modules are taught entirely in the English language;
  • Topics include the most pressing issues for the public sector from an international and regional perspective;
  • Combines theory and practice, using practical work experience and real-life case studies to achieve learning objectives;
  • German accredited (EVALAG), Academy Profession and Bachelor diplomas
  • Opportunity to earn a Double Degree from University College Denmark
  • Flexible study options – learn at your own pace while you work!

In this section, learn about: