General complaints

Definition of a complaint

A complaint refers to an expression of disapproval or discontent and shows that something incorrect occurred concerning an activity within IBCM involving IBCM Staff.

General procedure

–     All complaints will be answered as soon as possible and at least within 14 days; if this cannot be realised, the staff member will be informed about this.

–     In principle, the complaint will be dealt with by the responsible person who is involved with the subject of the complaint.

Expression of complaints

A complaint can be expressed by the staff member in several ways:

–     Via the electronic complaint form

–     By e-mail to

–     By sending a letter

–     By making a phone call

–     Face-to-face

Possibility to appeal

In case the staff member is unsatisfied about the way his or her complaint has been dealt with by IBCM, the staff member can submit a written appeal with the director of IBCM. This appeal will be answered within 14 days.

Student appeals of examination results

A student can appeal his/her examination result within two weeks after publication of his/her grade.

Examination results can be appealed in the case that:

–       The examination had been completed and submitted punctually by the examined student

–       An examination had been graded with a other grade than grade 12

–       A pass/fail exam had been assessed failed

Before appealing an examination result, a student should:

–       Review the examination and the corresponding examination key in the student service office

–       Discuss the examination result with the examiner

A student who is still unsatisfied after reviewing his/her exam and discussing it with the examining lecturer can appeal the result. Appeals have to be in writing and have to be addressed to the IBCM Director,

The appeal has to explain the reason for the appeal in detail. The IBCM Academic Council will hear the assessor of the exam in question, latest two weeks after the appeal had been submitted. The Academic Council has to decide about the case no longer than four weeks after the appeal had been submitted. The decision of the Academic Council has to be communicated to the assessor as well as the appealing student no longer than four weeks, after the objection had been submitted. The decision of the Academic Council has to be communicated in written and has to include a argumentation.

The Academic Council can decide to:

–       Reassess the examination

–       Order a re-sitting of the examination

–       Not to reassess the examination

In the case that the Academic Council decides for a reexamination, the objecting student has to confirm his/her re-sitting of the examination no longer then three days after the decision had been communicated. The Re-examination has to take place latest two weeks two weeks after the Academic Council decided in favor of the re-examination.

The examiner of the re-sit examination has to be a different examiner then the examiner of the original examination. The case has to be documented. The documentation is to be filed in the relevant student file.