Career Centre

The Career Centre of International Business College Mitrovica supports IBCM students to be competitive for local and international job market. IBCM’s programmes link directly towards providing real-world opportunities for bright, ambitious students by providing them with both a strong educational foundation and links to a network of industries, locally and internationally.


An essential part of the educational philosophy at the IBCM can be summed up as “learning by doing”.  At the heart of this philosophy is the use of internships as a way of providing students with real life experience in their chosen field. All students take their fourth semester out of college and pursue a compulsory internship and final thesis.

  • Internship (15 ECTS) (approximately 12 weeks in length, full-time)
  • Final Thesis (15 ECTS)

The internship can be done either as traditional internship in a company, as an entrepreneurship internship, where a student sets up his own company, a bank, a government department or even a leading NGO.  At the end of this period students can get the AP-degree, which allows directly transfer to Top- up Bachelor’s degrees. Bachelor’s students at the International Business College Mitrovica additionally take their seventh and final semester as an internship.


The Career Centre provides counseling and coaching to students and alumni through various means, such as:

  • Supporting candidates with job application preparation, including tools for finding and securing employment such as job search skills, writing CVs and cover letters, and interview preparation;
  • Developing and maintaining a database of companies and organisations, both local and international, which provide students and alumni with work opportunities;
  • Guiding students and alumni in their approach to organisations and companies that provide  high quality internship and employment opportunities;
  • Organizing networking activities that connect students and employers such as career fairs and other industry/employment events.


If you have any questions about the Career Centre or wish to speak to a counsellor, please contact:

  • Arjeta Mehmeti, (028/534 834,
  • Jelena Djokic (028/409 013,