Guest Lecture: Agatha Bouten ‘Program and Project Management as a tool for Organizational Development’

IBCM signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Agroproduct Sh.P.K.

IBCM Business Club: Business Opportunities Through Cultivating Medical Plants

IBCM Career Day 2017

An inspiring guest lecture from Arta Shehu from JCoders

IBCM Business Club: Business Growth Through Association

Guests from ISCAP: Alexandra Albuquerque, Maria Antonia Rodrigues – Erasmus+ staff exchange

Field trip: EAM students visit M&Sillosi Food Industry, Agrocelina Collection Centre and Wine and Vineyard Institute in Rahovec

OSCE Dialogue Academy 2017: Jovana’s story

From IBCM to Porto: Erblin and Bujar Erasmus+ Exchange to ISCAP

Saying Hi from Finland: Tajla and Albana Erasmus+ Exchange to HAMK

Introducing Changes on IBCM Campuses: Names and Programs

Welcoming the New Director of IBCM: Dr. Brian Staines

Saying Goodbye to Our Former Director: Charlene Miller

IBCM receives funding from the European Commission for the Academic Year (2017/18)

IBCM English Academy Graduation Ceremony – Riverside Campus

Announcement of passing of our colleague and friend, Bekim Mustafa

Guest Lecture by Veli Hoti to IBCM Business Planning Students

IBCM Lecturers join new ‘Research Rural Development Network’

Guest lecture: Bulgarian Professor Diana Kopeva on ‘Public Private Partnership’