Stafi akademik


Abdyli, Dukagjin

Titulli: Ligjërues i juridikut

Kualifikimet: Diplomë Baçelor në juridik /Universiteti i Prishtinës, Diplomë master në juridik/Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgjikë

Lëndët në IBCM: Studime europiane dhe sektori publik


Profili në Linkedin: Dukagjin Abdyli


Dukagjin holds a Master of Laws (LLM) degree in EU in International Relations and European Economic Law from KU Leuven (Belgium) and a Bachelor degree in Law from the University of Prishtina. Currently he works as Acting Director of the Department of EU Law/ Ministry of European Integration. His major area of interests include: EU Law, Constitutional Law and International Law.


Ardill, Niall

Titulli: Ligjërues i komunikimit

KualifikimetBallsbridge College of Business, Dublin, Irlandë – Kualifikimi si vlerësues pronash. Waterford Institute of Technology, Irlandë – Baçelor i biznesit, me specializim në menaxhimin e biznesit. IPAG école supérieure de commerce, Nicë, Francë, çertifikim 6-mujor në biznes dhe marketing turizmi, çertifikim TEFL.

Lëndet në IBCM: Komunikimi efektiv, planifikimi i biznesit


Profili LinkedIn: Niall Ardill


Niall was born in Dublin, Ireland. On finishing his studies Niall worked in the Tourism & Hospitality industry and within the FMCG sectors in Ireland. Directly prior to arriving in Kosovo, Niall was working for a local government agency on an Integration Programme for newly arrived immigrants to Ireland from throughout Europe and Africa. This was aimed at increasing their ability and capacities to participate in regular social and community activities through increasing language skills, business and legal knowledge. In addition to this he worked as a learning support teacher at a local high school. Since arriving in Kosovo in 2010, Niall has worked in the educational sector with IBCM, initially as part of the English department until December 2012 and then from March 2015 in the Marketing and Management department of the college. Niall has also worked in the NGO sector, predominantly working directly with businesses and conducting research on the barriers for young entrepreneurs, start-ups and existing businesses entering the formal Kosovo market.


Aritonovic, Ivana

Titulli: Ligjëruese

KualifikimetUniversiteti i Novi Sadit, Serbi, studime doktorate në drejtimin e sociologjisë, Universiteti i Oslos, Norvegji,  studimet master Universiteti i Novi Sadit, Serbi, studimet themelore Baçelor, drejtimi sociologji

Lëndet në IBCM: Komunikimi efektiv, studimet menaxheriale dhe organizative, zhvillimi organizativ, profesioni, organizata dhe qytetarët


Profili LinkedIn: Ivana Aritonovic


Professional Experience: Institute of Serbian Culture Pristina-Leposavic, Researcher Assistant, 2007-… High School Vucitrn-Kosovska Mitrovica, professor of Sociology, 2008-2010. Medical School, Kosovska Mitrovica, professor of Civic Education, 2007-2008. Teaching Activities: Mitrovica Winter University 2011, Course Diplomacy and Communication, Mitrovica Winter University 2010, Course Diplomacy and Negotiation, Mitrovica Summer School 2008, Course The Role of Dialogue in Local Peace Building Research Specialties: Major: Sociology of everyday life and Sociology of gender Other: Sociology of labor, Sociology of social conflicts, Sociology of city, Sociology of village, Sociology of forced migrations



  • Aritonović Ivana (2009) Serbian Women in War Surrounding in Kosovo and Metohia – Serbian Family and Consequences of March Pogrom in Year of 2004, Institute of Serbian Culture Priština-Leposavic.


  • Aritonovic, Ivana (2015), “Women in Northern Kosovo – Daily Life in Between Social and Political Division”, Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, University of Belgrade, Center for Ethics, Law and Applied Philosophy, Belgrade.
  • Bozo Milosevic, Aritonovic Milovanovic Ivana (2015), Socio-Cultural Capital as the Basis of Working Strategies of Houshold/Family in Post-conflict Societies: The Example of the Republic of Srpska and the North of Kosovo*, Studii de Stiinta si Cultura, Romania, Volumul XI, Nr. 2, iunie 2015, pp. 145-158.
  • Aritonovic Ivana (2011), Research of Everyday Life of Women in the Serbian Society, Bastina, Institute of Serbian Culture Priština-Leposavic, No 31, pp. 355-378.
  •  Aritonović Ivana (2011), Spheres of work and consumer culture as factors in the reconstruction of everyday life for women in northern Kosovo, Bastina, Institute of Serbian Culture Priština-Leposavic, No 30, pp. 257-269.
  •  Ivana Aritonović (2011),Problem in rural Life of Serbs Living in Enclaves in Kosovo – Case Study, Collection of papers „Diversity and Inequality in Rural Europe – The Bulgarian Case“, Institute for the Study and Knowledge at the Bulgarian Academy of Science, Bulgaria Rusticana, pp. 69–77.
  • Aritonović Ivana (2010), Some causes and consequences of social conflicts in Kosovo, Bastina, Institute of Serbian Culture Priština-Leposavic, No 28, pp. 321-343.
  • Aritonović Ivana (2010), The life of Children in Countryside (Moza, fellowship, school), Banatski kulturni centar, Novo MIloševo, pp. 51-73.
  • Aritonović Ivana (2009), Social position of women in Serbia during Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Bastina, Institute of Serbian Culture Priština-Leposavic, No 27, 2009. године, рp. 233-257.
  • Aritonović Ivana (2009), Division of labor in families of internally displaced persons, Bastina, Institute of Serbian Culture Priština-Leposavic No 26, рp. 316-330.


Balija, Petrit

Titulli: Ligjërues i marketingut

KualifikimetDiplomë baçelor në administrim biznesi, Oklahoma State University, Master i administrimit të biznesit, Averett University, USA, PhD në ekonomi- financa ndërkombëtare, Swiss Management Center University, Switzerland.

Lëndët në IBCM: Strategjitë e rritjes, ndërkombëtarizimi dhe strategjitë e globalizimit, menaxhimi organizativ, marketingu strategic, logjistika, shitja dhe negociimi, menaxhimi i projektit.


Profili Linkedin: Petrit Balija


Petrit completed his Bachelor studies and later his studies in Master of Business Administration (MBA) during his experience, of more than a decade, in the financial sector of the United States of America  and continued further by completing his doctorate studies in Switzerland in the subject of International Finance. Mr. Balija is engaged as a part-time lecturer at the International Business College Mitrovica and he is one of the founding teaching staff, having been engaged since the establishment of IBCM in 2010. He has published several works in the subject of free market economics, human resource management and banking and finance. 


An analysis of economic knowledge: Centralized vs. Decentralized Planning Analysis of Basel III: Was Basel III necessary and will it bring about prudent risk management in banking? Analysis of Commercial and Investment Banking: Should the Services Provided by Commercial and Investment Banks be Separated? Analysis of compensation strategies for the new age economy Analysis of modern performance measurement and management tools: ABC, The Balanced Scorecard and EVA Analysis of the spatial dimension of entrepreneurship: implications of location and time to the identification of entrepreneurship opportunities Banking Regulatory and Market Framework in Kosovo: SWOT Analysis Business Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Performance Measurement Metrics Commodity Derivatives: Cost of Carry Relations in Commodity Derivatives Trading Contract Framework of Projects Currency Derivatives and Their Importance in Currency Trading Derivative Markets: Attributes of Exchange-Traded Derivatives Derivatives and Global Financial Crisis of 2008: What is the Role That Derivatives Played in the Recent Global Financial Crisis? How did Hedging Turn Into Speculation? Discerning challenges in establishing and launching a management performance system: Levels with measurement metrics Financial Arbitrage vs. Non-arbitrage relations Financial Distress in Projects: Debt Restructuring Fundamentals of Valuation: Assumptions and Interest Rate Mechanics Identifying Financial Fraud: Early Warnings of Enron Financial Fiasco Intelligent Performance Measurement Software and Key Performance Indicators Interest Rate Derivatives: Interest Rate Swaps, Caps, Floors and Collars International Corporate Tax: Minimizing the International Corporate Tax for Technology Companies Managing Risk Through Diversification: International Investment Diversification for Individual and Corporate Investors New trends in IT outsourcing and the effects on shareholder value Operational Vs. Tactical Dashboards: Differences and Similarities Performance Management Systems and Dashboard Design Project Finance: Increasing Reliance on to Fund Investment Project Finance: Understanding Project Risks Stock Derivatives: Financial Markets and Risk Management Strategies Stock Index Derivatives: Composition and Characteristics of Main Index Derivatives Supportive KPIs in Management Measurement Systems The essential elements in defining and selecting key performance indicators The fall of a financial industry giant and the ripple effects: Analysis of the failure of Lehman Brothers The Importance of Strassman’s Knowledge Management Metric The modern risks facing the international banking system The role of accounting standards in the modern corporation The Role of Project Financing in an Economy Understanding Financial Ratios and Project Evaluation Valuation of Forwards, Futures and Swaps


Djikic, Aleksandar

Titulli: Ligjërues i mjedisit dhe bujqësisë

Kualifikimet: Diplomë Baçelor në bujqësi, Universiteti i Prishtinës, diplomë master, Universiteti i Kragujevcit, diplomë PhD në bujqësi, Universiteti i Prishtinës

Lëndët në IBCM: Hyrje në mjedis dhe bujqësi, planifikimi natyror, ruajtja dhe menaxhimi i habitatit, prodhimi i specializuar, cilësia e ushqimit, stategjia dhe zhvillimi i biznesit


Profili LinkedIn: Aleksandar Djikic


Aleksandar has been working in the academic field from 1987 when he used to work as an assistant professor at the University of Pristina, Jelene Anzujske b.b. Zubin Potok.
He also worked as a General Manager of PIC-CO company which deals with chemicals.

From 1999 till 2000 he used to work at AGROINVEST, Belvederska 5, Podgorica, Montenegro as a Loan Officer.
He is working as a lecturer at IBCM since 2010. 


About 50 publications, among these the most important are: – Djikic, Aleksandar: Dynamics of Organic Matter Accumulation at Geogenic Deposols of Kosovo, PhD Thesis, Kosovska Mitrovica, 2011. – Djikiic, Aleksandar: Some Specifities of Reclamation of Heavy Clayey Overburden Materials at the Kosovo Region, Master Thesis, Cacak, 1994.


Djokic, Jelena

Titulli: Ligjëruese e mjedisit dhe bujqësisë

Kualifikimet: Diplomë Baçelor, Universiteti i Prishtinës, Master në Shkenca të teknologjisë, Universiteti i Beogradit, PhD në Inxhinieri teknologjike, Universiteti i Prishtinës.

Lëndët në IBCM: Hyrje në studime të mjedisit dhe bujqësisë, energjia e pastër, filozofia e shkencës dhe metodologjia e hulumtimit, Statistikë, teknologji, menaxhimi i mbeturinave


Profili LinkedIn: Jelena Djokic


International Business College Mitrovica, Kosovo Position: Senior lecturer for the courses in Environmental Management field  Faculty of Technical Sciences of the University of Mitrovica Position: Associate professor at the Faculty of Technical Sciences of the University of Mitrovica


Journals: – Djokic, Jelena: Stabilization and Solidification off Lead and Zinc Ore processing Waste Deposit using Magnesium Slag, in press. – Djokic, Jelena: Impact Analysis of Magnesium Slag Deposit in changing Climate Conditions, in: Ecological Chemistry and Engineering, 2012, 19, 3, pp. 439-450. – Djokic, Jelena: Reuse of Metallurgical Slag from the Silicothermic Magnesium Production and secondary Lead Metallurgy, in: Revista Metalurgia International, 2012, 3, pp. 46-53. – Djokic, Jelena: Experimental Investigation and Thermodynamic Prediction of the Ni-Pb-Sb phase Diagram, in: Calphad-Computer Coupling of Phase Diagrams and Termochemistry, 2011, 35, 3, pp. 308-313. – Djokic, Jelena: Experimental investigation and thermodynamic Calculation of Bi-Ga-Sb Phase Diagram, in: Materials Science and Technology, 2011, 27, 5, pp. 884-889. – Djokic, Jelena: Experimental Investigation and thermodynamic Calculation of Phase Equilibria in the In-Sb-Zn Ternary System, in: Journal of Materials Science, 2010, 45, 24, pp. 6634-6642. – Djokic, Jelena: Experimental Investigation and thermodynamic Calculation of the Ga-Sb-Zn Phase Diagram, in: Journal of Material Science, 2010, 45, 10, pp. 2725-2731. – Djokic, Jelena: Experimental Investigation and thermodynamic Prediction of the Bi-Sb-Zn Phase Diagram, in: Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2010, 122, 1, pp. 108-113. – Djokic, Jelena: Silicothermic Reduction Process in Magnesium Production- Thermal Analysis and Characterization of the Slag, in: Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 2008, 93, 2, pp. 411-415. – Djokic, Jelena: Phase Transformations in the Ternary Ag-Ga-Sb System, in: Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2012, 134, 1, pp. 287-293. – Djokic, Jelena: Heavy Metals in the River Ibar on the Kosovska Mitrovica Region, based on Voda I Sanitarna Tehnika, 2008, 38, 5, pp. 39-44. – Djokic, Jelena: Assessment of the Mining Practices Effects on the Water Quality in the Ibar River within the Leposavic Municipality, based on Zbornik radova Geografska institute ”Jovan Cvijic”, Sanu, 2010, 60, 1, pp. 31-46. – Djokic, Jelena: Assessment of Energy Efficiency of the Funings Slay Process of Coal-Pit Melting, based on Material Heating Balance, IMK-14, 2010, 16, 4, pp. 43-46. – Djokic, Jelena: Gas cleaning Efficiency as a Function of Fabric loading in Fabric filter Plant, IMK-14, 2011, 17, 3, pp. 45-48. – Djokic, Jelena: Thermodynamic Calculation of Bi-Cu-Sn Phase Diagram, based on Istrazivanje I razvoj, IMK-14, 2010, 16, 4, pp. 123-126. – Djokic, Jelena: Impact of Waste Waters of Kosovska Mitrovica to the River Ibar Waters Quality, based on Voda I sanitarna tehnika, 2010, 40, 3, pp. 49-52. – Djokic, Jelena: Experimental Investigation Results of Nickel extraction form nickel-bearing Ores, based on Rudnjici Tehnika, Geologija I metalurgia, 2010, 61, 2, pp. 1-7. Conference presentations: – Djokic, Jelena: Environmental Assessment of a Lead and Zinc Ore Processing Waste Deposit, presented at: International Conference Agri-food Science, Processes and Technologies, 10.05.2012–12.05.2012. – Djokic, Jelena: The Environment Impact of the TSP Emission from the Lead Smelter Trepca, presented at: International Conference Agri-food Science, Processes and Technologies, 10.05.2012–12.05.2012. – Djokic, Jelena: Impact Analysis of Magnesium Slag Deposit in Changing Climate Conditions, presented at: Science for the Environment, 2011. – Djokic, Jelena: The Efficiency of Gas Purification in Secondary Lead Metallurgy, presented at: Modern Technologies and Biotechnologies for Environmental Protection, 02.06.2012 – 05.06.2012, pp. 55-62. – Djokic, Jelena: Heavy Metals Soil Contamination in Secondary Lead Production, presented at: The third International Congress Ecology for Health and Sport, 10.09.2009 – 13.09.2009, pp. 757-762. – Djokic, Jelena: Soil Contamination by the Slag Generated in Secondary Lead Production, presented at: 41th international October Conference on Mining and Metallurgy, 05.10.2008–08.10.2008, pp. 352-357. – Djokic, Jelena: Characterization of the Slag in Waste Lead Acid Battery Recycling, presented at: International Symposium Environmental Protection in Industrial Areas, 2009, pp. 256-261. – Djokic, Jelena: Optimization of the secondary Lead Production in short Rotary Frunance, presented at: 40th International October Conference on Mining and Metallurgy, 05.10.2008–08.10.2008, pp. 440-445. – Djokic, Jelena: Characterization of the Lead and Zinc Tailing Waste Deposit Bostaniste, presented at: XXl International Serbian Symposium on mineral processing, 04.11.2008–06.11.2008, pp. 352-357. – Djokic, Jelena: Bats and Processing Equipment for Environmental Impact Reduction in secondary Lead Production, presented at: Proceedings of 10th International Conference, Research and Development in Mechanical Industry, 16.09.2010–19.09.2010.


Gjokaj, Ekrem

Titulli: Ligjërues i mjedisit dhe bujqësisë

Kualifikimet: Diplomë PhD në ekonominë rurale/ Universiteti i Tiranës, Shqipëri

Lëndët në IBCM: Ekologji dhe menaxhimi i burimeve natyrore, Siguria dhe cilësia e ushqimit, buxhetimi publik, prodhimi i specializuar


Profili Linkedin: Ekrem Gjokaj


International Business College Mitrovica, Kosovo Position: Lecturer of Environment and Public Administration courses Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary, University of Prishtina Position: Lecturer of Agronomic courses


Kerolli- Mustafa, Mihone

Titulli: Kryesuese e departamentit të menaxhimit të mjedisit dhe bujqësisë, ligjëruese

Kualifikimet: Diplomë Baçelor dhe master në inxhinieri mjedisi/ Universiteti i Prishtinës, diplomë PhD në teknologji dhe inxhinieri kimike/Universiteti i Zagrebit, Kroaci 

Lëndët në IBCM: Biokimi, energji e pastër, hyrje në studimet e mjedisit dhe bujqësisë, teknologjia, menaxhimi i mbeturinave

Profili LinkedIn: Mihone Kerolli-Mustafa


Mihone holds a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering and Technology from University of Zagreb, Croatia and a Master degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Prishtina. Since 2014 she is a postdoctoral researcher and lecturer in University of Zagreb, Croatia on obtaining glass ceramic from hazardous waste. Currently she works as Head of Environmental and Agricultural Department / IBCM.Subjects taught at IBCMBiochemistry, Green Energy, Introduction to Environment and Agricultural Studies, Technology, Waste ManagementHer major area of interests include: Environmental protection and Waste management.


Ecological Risk Assessment of Jarosite Waste Disposal, Croatica Chemica Acta 88 (2) (2015) 189–196. 2.
Investigation of thermal decomposition of jarosite tailing waste, A prerequisite for comprehensive jarosite reuse and waste minimization, J Therm Anal Calorim, DOI 10.1007/s10973-015-4881-9, Springer
Biomass and biofuel overview: A global Sustainability challenge. Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology 16, No 1, 222–232 (2015).
Clean technologies
4. Assessment of heavy metals risks from different depths of jarosite tailing waste of Trepça Zinc Industry, Kosovo based on BCR procedure. Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 148 (2015) 161-168, Elsevier 5. Investigation of Jarosite process tailing waste by means of Raman and infrared spectroscopy.
Material Science and Engineering Technology, Wiley-VCH, 44/9 (2014), Germany
6. Migration of di-(2-ethylhexyl)adipate (DEHA) and acetyl tributyl citrate (ATBC) plasticizers from PVC film into the food stimulant of isooctane. Material Science and Engineering Technology, Wiley-VCH, 40/1 (2015) 7. Assessment of heavy metal contamination in water and sediments of Trepça and Sitnica rivers, Kosovo, using pollution indicators and multivariate cluster analysis, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (2015) 187:338. DOI 10.1007/s10661-015-4524-4, Springer.
Evaluating the metal mobility from open-dumped mining wastes in Kosova: A comparison of three-stage BCR sequential extraction and toxicity characteristic leaching tests. International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Sciences (IJEES), Albania
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Pollution of the Marec River by Waters from Artana (Novo Bërda) Mine. J. Int. Environmental Application & Science, Turkey
13. The physic-chemical and bacteriological contamination of water in Sitnica, Iber and Lushta rivers J. Int. Environmental Application & Science, Turkey.
The level of concentration of lead, zinc, cadmium and nickel in urban soil of 2 Korriku, Kosovo J. Int. Environmental Application & Science, Turkey.
Proceedings: 15. Characterization of open-dumped jarosite waste at Mitrovica Industrial Park, Kosovo.
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16. Potential use of Mining and Mineral Processing waste in Trepça, Kosovo. EURASIA 2014, Waste Management Symposium, 28-30 April 2014, Turkey. Biomass and biofuel oveview: A global sustainability Challenge. International Congress on “ Green Infrastructure and Sustainable Societies/Cities” GreInSus’14, 08-10 May 2014, Turkey.
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19. Determination of heavy metals presence in Honey Produced in the Vicinity of Industrial Zone in Mitrovica, Kosovo EURASIA 2014, Waste Management Symposium, 28-30 April 2014, Turkey.
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Environmental Impact Assessment of Metallurgical Waste: Trepça case study in Kosovo First Regional Conference on Environmental Impact Assessment, Croatia, 18-21 September, 2013. 22. Global Biomass and Biofuel Use: A review Research and Education in Natural Sciences” (RENS2013) 15 – 16 November 2013, Albania.
Air pollution and heavy metal presence on air in Mitrovia town Research and Education in Natural Sciences” (RENS2013) 15 – 16 November 2013, Albania.
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26. Soil pollution with heavy metals in Mitrovica, Kosovo The first International conference” Research and Education challenges towards the future conference”( ICRAE 2013), 24-25 May, Shkoder, Albania.
Assessment of the environmental situation in Mitrovica area-soil pollution with heavy metals The eight International Annual Meeting of Alb-Science Institute, Tirana, 29-31 August, 2013
The impact of mining industrial proceses of “Trepca” complex in the quality of rivers Trepca and Sitnica International Symposium of agricultural and food, Macedonia 12-14 December 2012
Soil pollution with heavy metals and remediation possibilities in Mitrovica, Kosovo 3rd International Symposium on Environmental Management, Zagreb 26-28 October, 2011.
Determination of heavy metals in river Sitnica The fifth International Annual Meeting of Alb-Science Institute, Tirana, 2-5 September 2010
Data of water quality on river Lumë Bardhi of Decani ( Kosovo) The fifth International Annual Meeting of Alb-Science Institute, Tirana, 2-5 September 2010
33. Determination of heavy metals in urban topsoil of “2 Korriku” quarter, Mitrovica The Third International Annual Meeting of Alb-Science Institute, Tirana, 1-3 September 2008 34. Mining Process in Mitrovica, a challenge for transboundary pollution in the region The Third International Annual Meeting of Alb-Science Institute, Tirana, 1-3 September 2008 Professional and scientific Projects October 2015-ongoing TCLP leaching of Composites obtained by Jarosite wastes.
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Natural Sciences- Department of Analytical Chemistry.

2014- October 2015 Obtaining glass ceramics from hazardous waste, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Department of Materials.
2007-2010 Research Project on The effects of environmental risk of heavy metals in soils and solutions, University of Prishtina, Kosovo.
MISIC 2015 Conference: Chair of the Organising Committee

Mooney, Faye

Titulli: Kryesuese e departamentit të anglishtes, ligjëruese

KualifikimetUniversity College London, Baçelor në histori, London School of Economics, MSc Politikat shoqërore; Kualifikim TEFL,

Lëndët në IBCM: Anglishtja akademike dhe shkathtësitë e studimit


Profili Linkedin: Faye Mooney


Faye was born in Manchester, UK, and studied for her BA and MSc in London. Faye was active in the academic life of both of the universities she attended, mentoring other students and acting as student representative.  Prior to becoming an English Teacher, Faye gained experience in a variety of policy and communications roles; most recently at a social investment bank in London, where she was responsible for implementing strategic communications plans. Moving to Iraqi Kurdistan in 2014, Faye developed a syllabus for the new Foundation Year program at the University of Soran. Additionally, Faye has worked as a freelance writer for several years, producing copy for blogs, websites, reports and newsletters. 


Nikolova, Violeta

Titulli: Kryesuese e departamentit të administratës publike, ligjëruese

Kualifikimet: Master në administrim biznesi/ Institut Universitaire Kurt Bosch, Sion, Zvicër

Lëndet në IBCM: Inovacioni i aplikuar, vlerësimi i nevojave dhe menaxhimi i ciklit të projektit, menaxhimi i forcës shitëse


Profili LinkedIn: Violeta Nikolova


Violeta holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from IUKB University from Sion (Switzerland). She holds the positions of Head of Public Service Management Programme and Lecturer at IBCM. She currently teaches Intercultural Communications and PR, Applied Innovation, Sales Force Management, Needs Assessment and Project Cycle Management at IBCM. In addition to teaching, Violeta is running the Centre for Women Entrepreneurs Foundation in Skopje (Macedonia), an organization she has founded and is managing through different projects in the field of women empowerment and professional development. At present she collaborates on an international project for migration and diversification. 

Stanojevic, Jelena

Titulli: Koordinatore e semestrit të parë, ligjëruese e ekonomisë

Kualifikimet: Diplomë Phd. në ekonomi/ Universiteti i Nishit, Serbi

Lëndët në IBCM: Makroekonomi, mikroekonomi


Velickovic, Gabrijela

Titulli: Ligjëruese e matematikës dhe statistikës

KualifikimetDiplomë Phd. në ekonomi/ Universiteti i Romës “Tor Vergata”, Itali

Lëndët në IBCM: Buxhetimi dhe parametrat e përshtatjes, matematikë dhe excel, matematikë dhe statistikë, parimet e kontabilitetit



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