ToR Researcher

IBC-M has received a Grant from US Embassy to implement a 6 months project; Students Environmental Research Project on Environmental sustainability in the region, which will be implemented by a mixed composition of IBCM students, professors and young researchers. As the data on environmental elements, technological processes and organizational capabilities are measured on the ground and needed for environmental impact assessment analysis and solution proposals, the project plans the research within this topics as well as purchase of missing equipment for measuring pollution. The results of these measurements are also the baseline data for the application of software tools for modeling and simulating the extent of air, water and soil pollution and their impact on the environment.

Project is lead by Prof. Dr. Jelena Djokic and Prof. Dr. Mihone Kerolli.

Within the project 2 young researchers will be given opportunity to work with the professors, getting experience and work with the team of students.

IBC-M would like to open call for 2 positions of researchers. Minimum requirements are the following:
– Degree in Environment and Agricultural Management
– Some recors of research projects (can be university assigments)
– Ability to work in team
– Project Management

– Opportunity to get experience from IBC-M distinguished professors
– Enrich your records of research participation
– Research financial support

Please submit your Motivation Letter and CV to Mrs. Alfia Urazaeva/Head of Business Development Department at by October 10th, 2018.