IBCM Management Structure

Management Structure

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IBCM Board of Directors (SPARK)

The Board of Directors (SPARK) possesses decision making authority on the financial procedures and operations of IBCM, and changes to the structure of the academic programmes.


The College Director

The College Director is accountable to the Board of Directors for the academic leadership and effective management of IBCM.

Brian Staines, College Director

The Assistant Director, Administration oversees non-academic matters related to the management of IBCM.

Mirjana Ksmanovic - H&S

Mirjana Krsmanovic, Assistant Director, Administration

Academic Leadership

There are three academic departments and one language department at IBCM, as well as a General Semester. Each department is led by a Head of Department who is responsible for representing the department both internally and externally and overseeing and promoting the academic quality and/or strategic direction of the department.

VN - Head & Shoulders

Violeta Nikolava, Head of Public Administration Department

Mihone H&S

Mihone Kerolli-Mustafa, Environmental & Agricultural Management Department

Jelena Stanojevic, General Semester Coordinator

Gabrijela Velickovic, Interim Head of Marketing and Management Department

Academic Council

All study, internship and examination regulations are made under the authority of the Academic Council, which is also responsible for the issuing of degrees, diplomas and other awards made by IBCM. The academic council ensures that the staff and students of the college have the freedom and security to question and challenge existing practices and principles within the college without risk or restriction. The council meets at least once a month. 

IBCM Academic Council 2016-17 
Brian Staines, College Director (Chair)
Suad Selimi, Quality Assurance Officer (Secretary)
Gabrijela Velikovic, Interim Head of Marketing and Management Department
Violeta Nikolava, Head of Public Administration Department
Mihone Kerolli-Mustafa, Head of Environmental & Agricultural Management Department
Jelena Stanojevic, General Semester Coordinator
Faye Mooney, Head of English Language Department
Jovana Stojanovic, President of Student Representative Council
Egzon Gërxhaliu, Vice-President of Student Representative Council

Community and Parent Council

Appointed by the College Director, the community and parent council consists of up to sixteen members (eight from each campus) and meets at least twice per year. The members are made up of community based organisations or businesses, and a minimum of six Community and Parent Council members are parents of IBCM students.

The Community and Parent Council provides recommendations and advice on community based matters, and supports IBCM growth and development.  

Student Representative Council (SRC)

The Student Representative Council  gives students a platform to cooperate with lecturers, college management and administration to promote the best interests of the student body within the college. The SRC is democratically elected on an annual basis and the Presidency alternates between North and South campus students. 

The SRC is primarily responsible for organising and promoting the student life and social activities within the college and mediating the communication process between students and management.

IBCM Student Representative Council 2016-17
President: Jovana Stojanovic
Vice-President: Egzon Gërxhaliu
Secretary: Edin Rrahmani
Treasurer: Aleksandra Lazarvic