Combined Clean-Up Effort

Yesterday on 2nd of December 2018, IBC-M in collaboration with Let’s Do It Kosova, organized a combined Clean-Up effort, in order to clean and rehabilitate the area surrounding IBC-M Riverside campus.

During this activity, we had the honour to host the minister of Environment and Spatial Planning Mr. Fatmir Matoshi and the Mayer of South Mitrovica Mr. Agim Bahtiri.
During this activity more than 2000 garbage bags where filled, and in the past ten days more than 600 tons of waste were moved from the area, turning a garbage dump into a soon to be park.

IBC-M strives to continue these kinds of activities and help in other clean-up actions in Mitrovica and the region.  

As IBC-M we want to thank everyone once again for taking part in this initiative and participation, and we cannot wait to see the further results of this action.