IBC-M welcomes Mr. Yousfi, Exchange Lecturer from UCL, Denmark

IBC-M is delighted to welcome Mr. Miloud Yousfi as an Exchange lecturer from UCL, Denmark.

This lecturer exchange mobility comes as a result of a long partnership that IBC-M has with UCL, under the framework of Erasmus+ Key Action 1.

Please find below a brief self-introduction from professor Yousfi.

My Name is Miloud Yousfi I have been a lecturer at UCL’s department of public administration for 5 years. I am going to be in Kosovo for this semester and will be engaged with IBCM in some of my time in Kosovo. I will be teaching EU studies in 1st semester and research metrology at the BM 5th semester. Apart from lecturing I will be having meetings with staff at IBCM regarding our experiences at UCL with distance learning/e-learning. This development will be a strategic focus for many academic institutions in the future.

I will be looking forward to cooperating with the staff and students at IBCM and expect to be inspired and enlightened from my stay here. So far everyone has been extremely helpful and welcoming and I am very much looking forward to the cooperation and the experience of my stay in Kosovo.

I will not be at IBCM every week, as I also have teaching obligations In Denmark, these obligations will mainly be done online.