Alumni success story: Milica Jakovljevic from Mitrovica shares her story

1. What is your name, where are you from and year of graduation?


My name is Milica Jakovljevic and I am coming from Mitrovica. I graduated in May 2013.



2. What did you study at IBC-M?


I was studying Public Administration.


3. What are you doing now, after IBC-M, are you employed and if so can you spare a few words on your current job
(something interesting)?


I just got back from the USA where I studied at the Missouri State University. My studies there where entirely funded by USAID-STATE DEPARTEMENT. I have to use this opportunity to thank IBCM`s staff and professors for providing all necessary technical support for me to go there and successfully earn my Master`s Degree. In addition, I am currently working with NGO Aktiv as a project manager.


4. Tell us something about the skills and experiences that you gained by studying at IBC-M?


The IBCM allowed me to have a better understanding of how it feels like to study in a different environment while using a foreign language. My language skills were definitely improved after I graduated from IBCM, as well as the amount of knowledge and practical skills I gained.


5. Did staff and teachers from IBC-M help you during your studies?


The IBC-M teachers and staff were absolutely amazing! There is no way I can thank them enough for everything they did for us while studying there.


6. Did you go to student exchange, and if so, tell us your experience?


No. I did not.


7. Why should students apply for IBC-M?


I would invite all young people to apply and improve their overall knowledge, improve English and gain practical experience that will help them to find a job easier and use their degree the best way possible!

We at IBC-M wish her the best of luck in her future plans!