Guest from VIKO – Birutė Vaitenienė

IBCM students had a great opportunity to participate in a guest lecture last week on Wednesday, 28th of March. Our guest speaker was Ms. Biruté Vaiteniené from Vilniaus Kolegija of Applied Sciences (VIKO) in Lithuania, our partner institution. The guest lecture titled ‘’Rebranding’’, was delivered in two parts. IBCM and VIKO have established their partnership since 2017, the visit of Ms. Biruté is among the lecturers’ exchange between our two institutions. Ms. Biruté currently serves as a Lecturer of Business Management Faculty Communication and Advertising Department at VIKO in Vilnius, Lithuania. Her visit was made possible through the Erasmus + Staff Exchange Program.

Ms. Vaiteniené arrived in Kosovo on 26th March. In her first couple of days here at IBCM she had the opportunity to meet with our staff and discuss and exchange practices in lecturing, students training, career advice and other activities.  But, the main purpose of the visit was also to strengthen the link between two institutions, to boost flow of staff and students in both directions and to explore possibilities for future cooperation. Ms. Birute also had the chance to visit IBCM’s Riverside and Riverview campuses.

Ms. Vaiteniené delivered her guest lecture to IBCM students on Wednesday, starting with a detailed presentation on rebranding and sharing few examples from Lithuania and other countries, while the second one was organized in a form of a workshop where students had the chance to exercise the lesson through a demonstration. During this lecture, the students of IBCM also had the chance to learn much more about the Lithuania and it’s progress and change through the years. Among the examples used during the presentation was the Lithuania’s brand: ‘’Real is beautiful’’. Really interesting, look it up. The whole lecture was a great push for our students to think on potential ideas and action for Kosovo’s rebranding and what they can do for the country in the future.

Upon her departure from IBCM, we were curious to learn more about Birute’s experience here in Kosovo, and wanted to see her impressions of the visit and get to see some things from her perspective, so we conducted a short interview with her. Find the answers below.

1.What did you know about Kosovo and Mitrovica before arriving here?

To be honest, I didn’t know that much, just that it was a territory in former Yugoslavia and that there was a war sometime around 1999. So, I have looked for the information on internet.

2.What did you know about IBCM?

All my knowledge was based on information from IBCM website. So, I knew about study programs, about the focus on practice and quality of studies, about the internationalization priority, about the tight cooperation with businesses, municipalities and NGO’s.

3.What were your first impressions of Kosovo?

Very good impression, I came from country with the flat landscape, so the white snowy mountains looked very impressive. I have also met a lot of very friendly and positive people.

4.What are your impressions of IBCM?

It is a modern and a goal-oriented institution with highly motivated staff.

5.Anything particularly unique you noticed about IBCM?

The atmosphere – I felt like being at home.

6.What would your message to IBCM students be?

Do your best every minute, every day – it will bring a lot of results for you.

7.Any message to international students considering to come at IBCM?

I recommend to visit IBCM – you will find fantastic atmosphere, nice and friendly people and a valuable experience.

8.Anything else you would like to share or add?  

Good luck to IBCM and all colleagues and students I have met during my visit! We at IBCM would like to thank our guest Ms. Biruté for her visit and wish her the best of luck in her future plans.