Guests from ISCAP: Ana Pinto Lima and Jorge Pacheco – Erasmus + Staff Exchange

Last week from 12th to 15th March we at IBCM were excited to host for a visit and a guest lecture, our two guests from Portugal: Ana Pinto Lima and Jorge Pacheco. Ms. Lima and Mr. Pacheco both serve as Marketing Lecturers at ISCAP. Their visit at IBCM was possible due to the Erasmus + Staff Exchange Program, between IBCM and ISCAP.  The main purposes of the visit were: to share and exchange best practices between institutions in teaching and academic practices and to further strengthen links between our two colleges.

Both Ms. Ana and Mr. Jorge delivered a two – part guest lecture for two days in a row on the topic: Digital Marketing Strategies Workshop, Marketing 4.0 Workshop: New hybrid approaches. The lecture was delivered to interested IBCM students, from the programs of Marketing & Management, Public Administration and Environmental and Agricultural Management. Leading an interactive, informing and interesting lecture, IBCM students seemed to greatly enjoy it. The lecture involved several examples, videos and discussion on the role of digital marketing and its newest approaches. One of the most interesting video shown was the ‘’Momondo: The DNA Journey’’ commercial, which through marketing was able to share a very beautiful message. Among many great examples, a quote stuck with us ‘’Marketing creates desire, not needs’’ – said by Jorge.

For both Ana and Jorge, this was the first time they visited Kosovo, Mitrovica and IBCM. During their short stay they had the chance to visit both our campuses in the both parts of Mitrovica, and visit other cities as well. We wanted to hear more from their perspective and learn more about their experiences, therefore before their departure we conducted a short interview with the duo. Find their answers below.

What did you know about Kosovo and Mitrovica before arriving here?

Ms. Ana: We knew that Kosovo is the youngest European country, with about 10 years of existence and that has mostly Albanians and Serbs. We were informed of the division between the Serbian and Albanian people in the city and the symbology of the bridge. We were also aware of the geographical borders of Kosovo and the presence of the Serbian currency in the north of the country.


Mr. Jorge: The image I had of Kosovo was not exactly what I found. I think that unfortunately there is some misinformation about the Country. The news, in general, always emphasizes less positive points and I was surprised with your reality. After feeling, and realizing your culture, I understood the importance of IBCM in Mitrovica. The existence of various cultures, notably Serbs and Albanian, always requires a period of adjustment, by all the reasons. The population is mostly young as well as the country, and as such, this adaptation will always be in the long term.

What did you know about IBCM?

Ms. Ana: We knew what we read on the site and what other fellow teachers who had already visited the school the previous year. Namely the courses that the IBCM teaches, the good facilities they have and the initiatives that you promote.


Mr. Jorge:  I knew basically what the Internet, and your Facebook page, showed me. Some colleagues had already visited IBCM and the references were always very positive. Besides the quality of the facilities and the creativity reflected in the different murals in IBCM. So cool! I liked all the people I meet and thank you all for this wonderful reception!

What were your first impressions of Kosovo?

Ms. Ana: Our visit to Kosovo started in Mitrovica and ended in Pristina and are very different realities. In both cities, the people are very friendly and welcoming, always available to help. In Mitrovica it is felt that the division that the bridge promotes and the difference in the lifestyle of the people living on both sides of the city is still very present.


Mr. Jorge: I think that a visit to Kosovo deserves an initial visit to Mitrovica because it is a city with a strong identity and that mirrors the realities present in the Country, through a bridge that should be one of unity and pride. On the other hand, we have the capital Pristina, which is a vibrant and lovely city. I think that Kosovo has enormous potential because it has a cheerful, friendly and energetic population.

What are your impressions of IBCM?

Ms. Ana: It is a new school with a lot of potential, at the level of courses and organization. It has a strong commitment to internationalization that always benefits teachers and students.


Mr. Jorge: I really liked the philosophy and purpose of IBCM. The fact that classes are in English empowers students to adopt a global market attitude. The bet on internationalization is always something very useful for all the participants, myself included! It was a pleasure to know and taught at IBCM.


What would your message to IBCM students be?

Ms. Ana: Take advantage of your school’s opportunities and all the knowledge teachers have to share and look around to start building your professional network. Curiosity is the best friend of your journey.


Mr. Jorge: Think global to act locally. It may seem, and it is, a cliché, but in your case, it makes a lot of sense. I think you can believe in your country, your hospitality and your products. We had in Portugal a time when ‘’others’’ always seemed better, but today we have products and services of which we are very proud, we have competitive advantages that others cannot imitate, and more importantly, we have young people that believe in the value and the quality of our Country. My message is that you can dream, but don´t forget to build what you dream. This was my first trip to Kosovo, but it will not be the last!

We at IBCM would like to extend a warm thank you to our guests Ana and Jorge for their visit and wish them best of luck in their future endeavors.