Guest from ISCAP: Anabela Mesquita

Last week from 8th to 13th March, we at IBCM were delighted to host Ms. Anabela Mesquita from ISCAP, our partner institution from Portugal. Anabela is currently serving as President of the Space Network and she also is Vice Dean at the ISCAP.


She arrived at IBCM March 8th, few days before our two other guests from ISCAP joined her. Anabel’s visit at IBCM was possible due to the Erasmus + Staff Exchange Program, between IBCM and ISCAP. Among many meetings that she had with several IBCM staff members from many departments, the main purposes of the visit were: to explore possibilities for future cooperation and to strengthen links between institutions.

Part of her agenda during the visit at IBCM was also meeting our students. Anabela delivered a guest lecture to our students on the topic: ‘’Research Methodologies’’; the lecture was delivered to all the IBCM students from programs of: Marketing and Management, Environmental and Agricultural Management and Public Administration.


The lecture was an excellent addition to the already existing courses on the topic here at IBCM. Ms. Anabela’s fascinating experience and expertise provided a brilliant opportunity for our students to learn a lot more and enrich their knowledge. Anabela also presented some examples of the best methods of writing and preparing a Research Project, which will definitely help IBCM students in the future.

During her short stay, Ms. Anabela was able to visit both Riverview and Riverside Campuses in the North and South of Mitrovica. We at IBCM wanted to hear about her experience here in Kosovo and understand things from her perspective, so we conducted a short interview with her. Find the answers below.

What did you know about Kosovo and Mitrovica before arriving here?

Well, actually I didn’t know much about the country and city. I just knew what news presented in the past years – some information about the war and not much. Additionally, I got some information from my colleagues that were here a few weeks ago. Of course, I looked for some general information about the country in the Internet such as the currency, the weather and not much more. I must confess that my knowledge about the country and city was (and still is) very small.

What did you know about IBCM?

I knew IBCM for some years but not much as well. My knowledge about IBCM comes from SPACE network, a network to which both of our institutions belong to. I just knew it is an educational institution that offers courses related with marketing, management, business. I knew Dori who worked here for some time and I really had (I have) an excellent impression about her. And then of course my impression about IBCM was very good because of this – your staff acts as truly ambassadors for the institution and wherever they go, they leave this excellent impression :-). Congratulations about this.

What were your first impressions of Kosovo?

I have mixed feelings about that. Or maybe not:-) I try to explain. My colleagues that were here a few weeks ago reported their first impressions about the country and the city. And I confess I forgot it. Then a few days before coming I read that report again but I didn’t pay much attention to it. Then my experience started. At first some of the habits were very weird for me – for instance to remove the plates from the cars when entering the north part. Then I started making questions in order to understand reality. I wanted to know more. Know more about people and how they live. North and south were not important for me at the beginning. And then I started to understand the importance and the role of a bridge. A bridge that should bring together people but act in a different direction. Then I asked if I could rent a car and I was advised in order not do so. Instead I should have a car with a driver and I shouldn’t try to cross the border with Serbia. I continued asking questions. And not, after a couple of days here, I already feel comfortable with the absence of plates in the cars, I understand why lights are always turned on, I accept the differences in the currency and language between north and south. Anyway, my feelings have not changed – we are talking about human beings – but I understand and accept and respect the differences. I also understand the role of IBCM in this community and I need to congratulate them for this. Differences will not blur in the next 10 years but through education, we can help people to respect each other. Education is the most powerful weapon and should be the only one to use in any circumstances.

What are your impressions of IBCM?

I knew there were just a few students in the school. But I was not prepared for such a small school. But if you want to know this is an advantage to give a customized and individualized education. IBCM is a pearl in this community. It is (possibly) the solution for the problem. And the fact that they are bringing together students from both sides in the same classroom is excellent.

Anything particularly unique you noticed about IBCM?

As I said before the experience with bringing students from both parts of the city in the same classroom is unique and excellent. I just hope students can see how lucky they are for this opportunity. It is just by learning about each other that they will realize that feelings, needs, expectations, desires are the same no matter your language, your religion or the currency you have in your pocket.

What would your message to IBCM students be?

Take this opportunity to grow as a student and as a person and citizen. At this school you will learn not only contents about the study program chosen but also about humanity, about tolerance, respect, ingredients necessary to become a full citizen, a true human being.

Any message to international students considering to come to IBCM?

The school is a recent one, buildings are brand new, the level of English is excellent, people there are very friendly and professional. The city will be an experience that you will never forget.

Anything else you would like to share or add?

I am having a very positive experience here. And I say that from the bottom of my heart. I didn’t feel threaten, I felt safe, I enjoyed walking and crossing the bridge 🙂 Of course north and south are different but they are unique also in that sense.

We at IBCM would like to extend a warm thank you to our guest Ms. Anabela for her visit and wish her best of luck in her future endeavors.