IBCM signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Roma Versitas Kosovo

Today, February 2nd 2018, IBCM signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Roma Versitas Kosovo, aiming to support the education of the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities in Kosovo (more about Roma Versitas here). Through this MoU we establish a formal basis for cooperation between the college and Roma Versitas. Our mutual goal is to further strengthen the partnership and work together in concrete projects to help the empowerment of the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities in Kosovo through education.

We from IBCM want to express our thanks to the Roma Versitas Kosovo team, Genc Broqi and Avni Mustafa for their constructiveness and wholeheartedly willingness to make this cooperation happen and be the first step towards of series of joint activities between our organizations. Soon, IBCM and Roma Versitas will work together in expanding the IBCM English Academy to reach the youth of these communities, moving on to organizing soft skills training and work on other ways to boost the skills level of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian youth.

Fields of cooperation agreed between Roma Versitas and IBCM include: exchange of information and activities aiming to support the education of the RAE in Kosovo. Both organizations aim to create opportunities for meetings and cooperation of academic staff, current or potential students, parents and other important actors to raise awareness on the importance of further education of the RAE community. Cooperation also involves collaboration in professional activities including research, joint training, workshops, English courses, seminars, and conferences. Both organizations will also support each other in the fields of promotion of ideas in the benefit of RAE community’s students, and developing activities in the benefit of the communities and other administrative and logistic support.

Through this cooperation IBCM and Roma Versitas reaffirm their commitment to further support the education in Kosovo. IBCM and Roma Versitas look forward to working closely together to design and implement concrete activities to supporting the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian youth.