Happy Valentines Day – an IBCM Story

Wishing all the lovers a Happy Valentines Day, we decided to remember one of the first love stories here at IBCM. We reached to Dardan and Xhani, our two alumni to share their story and see what are they up to now. They both enrolled in 2011 and graduated in 2015. Xhani studied Marketing and Management, meanwhile Dardan was a student in the Environmental and Agricultural Management Department.

When did you meet for the first time?

We first met at the promotional event that IBCM organized on the 1st May in Bajgora back in 2012.

How did it all start?

Our friendship started at that event and day by day we got to know each other better, then there was another Promotional Event in Gjakova where we had our first date.

What is some interesting story you remember from the college days?

Upon finishing our 4th semester (internship semester) we got our American visas. On our way to the US we also got to spend a day In London. Studying, working and traveling was our agenda during our studies at IBCM.

What are you up to now?

Xhani: I am currently working as an Lead Accountant for an American company in Kosovo and in meantime looking for a scholarship to continue my Masters studies.


Dardan: I am currently self-employed and also looking for a scholarship to continue my studies at the Master level.

We at IBCM would like to extend a sincere thank you to Dardan and Xhane and wish them all the very best in their future.