IBCM signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Agroproduct Sh.P.K.


On December 20th 2017, we at IBCM signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Agroproduct Sh.P.K., the leading company in the field of aromatic medicinal herbs in Kosovo. This cooperation was initiated through the IBCM Business Club meeting in November 2017. The following weeks after the first meeting we had the chance to discuss the mutual benefits and agree on the fields of cooperation to be formalized on this MoU.

Fields of cooperation agreed between IBCM and Agroproduct include:

Cooperation and collaboration in professional activities including research, joint trainings, workshops, seminars, and conferences;  cooperation in skills development needs, professional development and training; Mutual support in respective fields of interests including: market outreach; staff training and development; Guest lecturers on topics of mutual interest; Provision of internship places for IBCM students at AGRORODUCT; and the hosting of educational field visits to AGRORODUKT for IBCM organized student groups;

Agrproduct Sh.P.K. is a company specialized in aromatic medicinal herbs cultivation and distribution and are the leaders of the industry in Kosovo. The company, located in Istog was founded in 2002 and has now reached partnerships with hundreds of farmers. In partnerships with many institutions in Kosovo, the company has managed to be the main driver of the growth of aromatic medicinal plants industry in the country. Agrproduct exports over 90% of their products.

This cooperation extends the opportunities for IBCM students and for both organizations in the future.