IBCM hosts over 120 international master’s students from EMA

On 23 January 2018, IBCM was honoured to host over 120 students coming from 50 nationalities as part of the European Master’s Degree in Human Rights & Democratization (EMA) programme in Vienna and the Venice Human Rights Master’s programme. The students were hosted by an IBCM panel consisting of the director (Brian), assistant director (Mirjana), Dan Qarkaj and Nenad from the marketing department, professor Aleksandar Djikic and three students of the college (Albana, Tajla and Jovana).

This was the fifth time IBCM has hosted a group of EMA students. The visit took place as part of a one-week field trip to Kosovo, which has been organised for students of the EMA programme for the last fifteen years. The purpose of the field trip is for students to meet representatives of international organisations, the EU, and international and local NGOs to discuss human rights issues and the political situation in the region. Several former students of the program are now employed in Kosovo, working for the UN, ICO, EULEX and the OSCE.

The visiting students had lots of questions about the IBCM for the college’s staff and students in the panel. Some of the questions the visiting students asked included: What are the main challenges operating in a post conflict area? How is life for students outside college facilities? What are the tuition fee costs? What is the percentage of students coming from non-majority groups? What are the main study programs? Does the college include courses on reconciliation? What are the employment statistics post studies?

All of these questions and more were answered in detail by the hosting panel. It was also great to hear many positive comments from the visiting students, including: ‘this is an inspiring story’ ‘the college feels different and with a great sense of  hope’ ‘great to see such an institution being able to thrive in a post-conflict area’ “this college is amazing, loads of positivism and joy in harmony between all students and staff of IBCM, really impressed.”

Tajla, student of International Sales and Marketing programme said after event: As a part of IBCM it was really refreshing to see many young people EMA students from Vienna and Venice curious about the life here and how things are done and it was a pleasure to answer their questions and to provide them with information about my experience here as a student at my last year of studies. I was born and raised in Montenegro, and I have been living in Kosovo a little over than three years and have been engaged in local community, working and volunteering for many non-governmental organizations with a goal to have a positive impact and to shift this place forward, as I recognize a potential in Kosovo, especially in its’ youth. The energy and discussion were very positive and productive and I believe that we have learned a lot from each other. It is great that visits of EMA students to our college are becoming a joyful tradition.

Albana stated: I liked the discussion we had with EMA students since it allowed us to explain them how it’s like living and studying in North Mitrovica.  I am very happy and proud I had the chance to tell them how good the relationship with Serbian professors and students here at IBCM is.

We would like to thank the visiting students for their attentiveness and their interesting questions during our presentation, and the organisers for choosing to visit IBCM.  We look forward to hosting groups from this distinguished programme in the future.