Guest Lecture: Agatha Bouten ‘Program and Project Management as a tool for Organizational Development’

On Thursday, 7th Decmeber 2017 we were delighted to host for a guest lecture Ms. Agatha Bouten from the Council of Public Prosecution of the Netherlands. The lecture was delivered to IBCM’s Marketing and Management 3rd semester students, as part of their Project Management and Organizational Development, taught by Medina Braha. Ms. Bouten shared with students valuable advice  from her vast experience in the fields of project management and organizational development.

During her lecture to the students, Ms. Agatha Bouten focused on talking about best practices in organizational development, focusing on the practices used by Netherlands Public Prosecution Service in reforming their organization through the ‘The PPS Changes’ program. Analyzing this reform, Ms. Bouten referred to the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Methodology. PMI is among the leading bodies in the project management research and implementation field, an approach students learn during their lecture in this course at IBCM.

In all her jobs she was always mostly involved with Court/Prosecution Organizational Matters. At the Supreme Court, she was in the team to re-design the Governing Processes and Managing Boards. In the District Court, she was involved in day-to-day management and in projects to develop organizational policies and automated systems and to implement these policies and systems. In the Ministry of Justice, she was member of the Program-team to Reorganize the whole Ministerial structure and the functioning of the Managerial Board. For a short period of time, she also was policy adviser at the Directorate for Police. As soon as the Council of Public Prosecution was established in 1997, she left Ministry of Justice and joined the Council in its General Secretary. During these last 20 years, she has been working in many, many, many projects and programs to constantly enhance the quality of the Dutch Prosecution System. Ms. Bouten also has a 10 year experience working in EU missions in Kosovo, Palestine and countries of East-Africa. From ‘nothing’ to ‘something’….!! And so, now and then she also was handing over her knowledge and experiences of Judiciary and Prosecution to the Kosovo Judicial Council (EULEX 2008-2010 and 2016- ongoing), the High Judicial Council of the Palestinian Authorities (EUPOL COPPS 2012-2013), and to the Supreme Court of the Seychelles (EUCAP Nestor, 2013-2014).

For us, it was a privilege to learn directly from a person with a wealth of fascinating experience and expertise, and we are thankful for Ms. Bouten’s willingness to wholeheartedly share her experience with IBCM students.