An inspiring guest lecture from Arta Shehu from JCoders

Arta Shehu: ‘The best way to learn is by doing! Your values should be the prime thing in deciding what you want to do in the future. Do not copy the competition, stick to your beliefs and creativity.

This Wednesday 13th of December, we were honored to host Arta Shehu, a co-founder and CEO at JCoders for a guest lecture for the group of our students who are starting their internships. The lecture was held at IBCM’s Riverside Campus in Mitrovica. During her lecture, Ms. Arta talked on entrepreneurship, values and shared briefly the inspiring journey of JCoders Academy with the participants. Most the students attending plan to start their career in the new semester. Some interesting quotes from Arta  included: when starting your business venture you need to be solving a problem; believe in yourself; your values should be the prime thing in deciding what you want to do in the future; do not copy (the competition), stick to your beliefs and creativity; the best way to learn is by doing. IBCM relates directly to ‘learning by doing’. Our motto’ here at IBCM is ‘from theory to practice’ and certainly Arta helped make that clear to students. At IBCM as part of our study programs, our students undertake compulsory internships, employability skills are fully integrated into the curriculum resulting in a high success rate of students getting employment and further training after graduation.

JCoders was founded in 2015 focusing on providing technology education to the youngest kids in Kosovo and is the first Academy of the sort in the country. Since the spring of 2017, IBCM is proud to be an official partner with JCoders and to be hosting the JCoders Academy courses in Mitrovica. JCoders courses provide lessons on #programming#electronics and #robotics for youngsters aged 8-15 and 15-18. If you want to get involved with #creative #technologies, and make it possible for your kids to keep up with the latest #tech #developments, you can register online here.

For us, it was a privilege to learn directly from a person with a wealth of fascinating experience and expertise, and we are thankful for Ms. Arta’s willingness to wholeheartedly share her experience with IBCM students.