IBCM Business Club: Business Opportunities Through Cultivating Medical Plants

In partnership with Agroproduct Sh.P.K., this Wednesday, December 20th at IBCM’s Riverside Campus we welcomed dozens of representatives from micro and small to medium agro-businesses from around Kosovo to be part of this month’s meeting focused on: Business Opportunities Through Medical Plants Cultivation. This Business Club was moderated by Dan Qarkaj and Aleksandar Djikic, meanwhile the main floor was reserved for the Agrporduct representative, Mr. Besim Loshaj who delivered a detailed talk on all the opportunities Agrproduct has for the farmers

In front of over 20 participants coming from different communities living in Kosovo, Mr. Loshaj presented the history of Agrproduct Sh.P.K., it’s mission, vision, successes and challenges. Soon after the focus of the presentation shifted towards the concrete subject of the business opportunities the company offers for farmers through medical plants cultivation. Mr. Loshaj gave more specifics on a number of plants such as: Malva Sylvestris Ssp Mauritanica, Mentha Piperita and other’s, explaining their traits, planting, cultivation and drying practices. The presentation gave a lot of attention also to the financial benefits for the farmers and the warranties Agroproduct offers for them. The interested farmers whom want to cultivate medical plants, can sign an agreement with the company that will provide them the seeds, the guidelines for cultivation and a guaranteed price and sales of their production to Agroproduct. Mr. Loshaj also explained many specifics about the types of fertilizers allowed to be used, the types of lands preferred, best irrigation methods and so on. He pointed out that no pesticides must be in contact with the plants on any form, be it through spraying, fertilizers or by any other means.

The interested farmers had many questions about land types and recommended plants, irrigation practices, fertilization methods and types of fertilizers; drying practices and different options there. All the questions were answered by Mr. Loshaj and often illustrated by examples. He also recommended to farmers that they initially start small and then depending on performance decide about expanding.

After the presentation session with Mr. Loshaj, the Business Club participants had the chance to enjoy a break with coffee, drinks and snacks and get to do some networking. Many came from different backgrounds and this represented a good opportunity to make some new contacts and discuss new opportunities. Today, also marked the signing of the first official membership agreements from the now new IBCM Business Club Members.

We would like to extend a sincere thank you to Agroproduct for their partnership and help in making possible this Business Club meeting. Today we were also exited to be signing the Memorandum of Understanding with Agroproduct (more on that on an other article on out website).

IBCM remains committed to supporting the development of the business environment and the business practices in the country, by directly sharing the best experiences with the business community, as well as educating the future generations. Keep in touch with us through social media accounts to see when is our next business club taking place.