Guests from ISCAP: Alexandra Albuquerque, Maria Antonia Rodrigues – Erasmus+ staff exchange

Alexandra Albuquerque, Maria Antónia Rodrigues.jpgThis week we were happy to host for a visit and a guest lecture, from two guests from ISCAP: Alexandra Albuquerque, Maria Antonia Rodrigues. Ms. Albuquerque serves as Head of International Relations and Lecturer at ISCAP and Ms. Rodrigues is the Program Director of the Marketing Degree. The two were at IBCM as part of the Erasmus+ staff exchange between ISCAP and IBCM. The main purposes of the visit were: to explore possibilities for future cooperation, to strengthen links between institutions, to boost flow in both directions for staff and student exchanges under ERASMUS+ mobility project and to discuss the options to bring students from ISCAP on an exchange semester to IBCM. There were also several meetings with IBCM staff and lecturers discussing and sharing experiences on the best practices on both institutions.

Alexandra delivered a guest lecture to IBCM students on ‘Management of languages and terminology in international business environments’. Speaking to students coming from different nationalities and studying in an international environment the lecture proved to be very interesting. Alexandra led a very interactive and informative class that the students enjoyed. It involved several illustrative examples on the importance of careful planning of communication to different cultures and through different languages. One interesting quote used during the lecture was that of Nelson Mandela: ‘If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart’.

For both Alexandra Albuquerque, Maria Antonia Rodrigues, this was the first time they have visited Kosovo, Mitrovica and IBCM. Upon they short stay they had the chance to visit both IBCM campuses and both parts of the town. We wanted to hear more from their perspective and learn more about their experiences, therefore before their departure we conducted a short interview with the duo. Find their answers below.

What did you know about Kosovo and Mitrovica before arriving here?
Alexandra: Very little.
Maria: Only a little bit what I read from the college’s website.


What did you know about IBCM?
Alexandra: That the college is an international institution delivering programs in businesses and that it has 2 campuses.
Maria: That’s its a growing international  institution with a lot of potential.


What were your first impressions of Kosovo?
Alexandra: Very positive, people are very friendly, nice and I feel at home.
Maria: Very positive atmosphere and very positive people.


What are your impressions of IBCM?
Alexandra & Maria: I had no idea what to expect. IBCM is an oasis in Mitrovica. It’s like a turning point, a driving of change. Very different in a positive way. IBCM marks a positive difference. 


Anything particularly unique you noticed about IBCM?
Alexandra & Maria
It feels like the college is operating miracles, the people are very motivated, and it feels like a family.


What would your message to IBCM students be?
Alexandra: You’ve completed half of the hard way, now everything will get easier. Use your knowledge wisely.
Maria: Good luck. You need to keep up your efforts and motivation. The involvement with international organizations is important and highly advised. We at IBCM would like to extend a warm thank you to our guests Alexandra and Maria for their visit and wish them best of luck in their future endeavors.


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