OSCE Dialogue Academy 2017: Jovana’s story

Our student of the Marketing and Management program Jovana Stojanovic was part of this year’s OSCE Dialogue Academy for Young Women 2017 held in Vienna. The event was held from 6th to 15th October. Some of the topics were: ‘Dialogue and reconciliation’ led by Tanja Tamminen; ‘Women in politics’ led by Sonja Lokar; Prominent women of the “Follow Us”initiative; and Professional team-building exercises; The academy aimed at bringing together prominent young women from Prishtina and Belgrade. The process, known also as “Follow Us” initiative aims at fostering contacts and dialogue between the two societies focusing on common issues of concern related to gender equality and women empowerment. Same conference has been organized also before in 2015 and 2016.

We wanted to hear more from Jovana on her perspective and how did this experience help her. Here’s what she had to say:  ‘Dialogue academy for Young Women 2017 is one of biggest experiences in my life. Firstly, I went in a foreign country for the first time. Therefore, I was amazed by new social systems and structures. However, the reason for my visit had an educational purpose. The lectures were based on negotiation skills, mediation, peace, dialogue, resolving conflicts, women in politics, empowerment of women and similar. I met 23 prominent women form Pristina and Belgrade. Also, the lecturers were very important women who know how to empower others, such as Sonja Lokar. As conclusion, this study visit enriched my life, provided me with new skills and knowledge, networks and experiences.’

Jovana also stressed how the skills and values promoted at IBCM helped her through:
‘IBCM helped me through these lectures, because I have already established speaking skills, since working language during academy was English; then, critical thinking and perception – not taking something as matter of course; and good skills for making agreement toward peace, considering to respect ourselves and others.’

Jovana is one of our outstanding students from the Marketing and Management program and we wish her best of luck in all her future endeavors.