From IBCM to Porto: Erblin and Bujar Erasmus+ Exchange to ISCAP

How does spending a semester as exchange student on Portugal sound? We talked to Erblin and Bujar to hear their perspective and experience on their Erasmus+ exchange.

The two, students of our International Marketing and Sales program at IBCM are spending this semester in Portugal as exchange students at IBCM’s partner ISCAP, one of Portugal’s largest and most prestigious public Polytechnic Institutes.  Thanks to IBCM’s partnership with ISCAP and the Erasmus+ program, Erblin and Bujar will spend this semester in Porto. We have mentioned it before that student exchanges are much more than just a semester abroad, so we decided to talk to our students and ask them how it has been so far for them. To learn everything from them, please read the short interview below by clicking the ‘The interview with Erblin and Bujar’ button. Also, swipe horizontally to see all photos they sent us.

“The Interview with Erblin and Bujar”


1) Portugal in one word?
Erblin: HOME; Bujar: Breathtaking (in love with Porto);


2) ISCAP in one word?
Erblin: Different; Bujar: Home;


3) Your new friends in one word?
Erblin: Family; Bujar: Amazing;


4) Your experience so far in one word?
Erblin: AMAZING; Bujar: ;best days of my life’



5) What were your first impressions of Portugal and the people there when you arrived?
Portugal is very beautiful and the people here are very kind.

Well, since I have arrived here I was amazed from this place, day by day visiting unfamiliar places I am being stunned every day from this beautiful place. Being an Erasmus student in Porto is the best think that can happen to any student. People are so friendly, more that I could even imagine.


6) What are some similarities and differences between ISCAP and IBCM?
Too early to tell but, the difference is huge when it comes to student number, and the buildings architecture is like a maze. The way of teaching by professors is kind of similar to IBCM but i still need some time to tell that because this is basically the second week of studies.

Well some of the similarities is the way of teaching, from practice to theory. For me is not so difficult to adopt to ISCAP because IBCM has the same teaching techniques. Both have international Professors and students. There are some minor differences on grading system, for mi it was a bit difficult to get used to this grading system.


7) How did you guys decide to apply, what were the criterias?
Well, we wanted to experience something new because we all know how limited we are in our country and this was a good opportunity, so we wanted to take advantage somehow. Portugal was the most attractive country in IBCMs Erasmus+ program and we wanted to go together so that’s why we made that decision (and it was the best decision eveeeeer). I don’t really remember the criteria, only that you needed to have a high average grade I think…

We saw that there is a good opportunity to go abroad, and Porto was the best choice we could ever make. I always wanted to see new places and meet new people, so this was the best chance I could get to go abroad for studies but also traveling and meeting a lot of new people. There were some criteria’s that I think every committed student cold fulfill, minimum grade for applying was 7.5 and I had to be nominated by IBCM in order to apply for this Erasmus+ exchange program.


8) What was IBCM’s role during application process?
I actually don’t know how to answer this one.

To be completed…


9) What is your message to students who plan to go on exchanges abroad?
Don’t you dare miss even the slightest opportunity to go for an exchange abroad, or you’ll regret it your whole life.

Well is not just a usual decision if you are planning to go abroad, but it will change your life forever. The same time for studying but also visiting new places and meeting new people. The chance to know a different culture is awesome. I would say to any student who is planning to go abroad you should not think twice, apply and don’t lose this once in a life opportunity that you will never regret.