Field trip: EAM students visit M&Sillosi Food Industry, Agrocelina Collection Centre and Wine and Vineyard Institute in Rahovec

field tripLast Friday (27th of October), IBCM’s EAM students 3rd and 5th semester were on a field trip to Rahovec. Field trips are an important aspect of IBCM’s student life, allowing our students to see firsthand the practical application of classroom taught theory. This field trip took place as part of the Food Safety and Quality Management courses. The main objective behind the visit was to make it possible for students to witness directly a various set of activities related to production processes, human resources, branding, marketing and product placement in the market carried out from the company. Our students visited M&Sillosi Food Industry, Agrocelina Collection Centre and Wine and Vineyard Institute in Rahovec. This field trip was organized and coordinated by EAM professors: Dr. Ekrem Gjokaj, Dr. Mihone Kerolli and Dr. Aleksandar Djikic.

The first stop of the field trip to Rahovec was M&SILLOSI. M&Sillosi is a member of Devolli Corporation, an international provider and the largest producer in the region of high quality wheat flour and bran. In addition to the domestic sales, as the leading wheat flour producer in the region, the company also exports to several countries in Europe. As part of this field trip, students attended a presentation given by Mr. Ramadan Deliu, Head of Testing and Analysis Food Laboratory and Mr. Blendi Broqi, Head of Production Department. M&Sillosi staff were more than happy to answer all their questions. IBCM students were able to:

  • Visit each of the many labs in the company, which analyze a quality of flour and bran, including bread quality control test
  • Receive explanations and demonstrations about the different production process in each sector from the company’s highly qualified and committed employees
  • See how flour and bran quality is controlled and monitored

M&Sillos Management also proposed internship opportunities for the interested students and also offered a chance to join them on different food industry research activities. The next stop was Agrocelina Collection Centre, which plays a vital role in organizing horticultural markets in the area, by aggregating production from small producers and facilitating access to larger markets. Agrocelina is located in the Anadrini irrigation region, the largest area for production of vegetables in Kosovo, with up to 5,000 hectares of irrigated land, producing more than 30,000 tonnes of peppers. Other vegetables grown in the district include cabbages, tomatoes, onions and cucumbers. The objective of the visit was to better understand the work of horticulture market in the region:

  • Students had the opportunity to learn more about the way the collection center helps their clients to build their brands.
  • Students were able to see how collection and distribution of vegetables are made by Agrocelina, which they found very interesting; especially the Collection Centre scale and investments needed to match the market and actors.

The last stop was the Wine and Vineyard Institute. The institute prepares and distributes reports of physical-chemical analysis for the division of Wines and creates conditions for training and human capacity enhancement in analytic assessment of the wine. The objective of the visit was to better understand the network and the analysis dealing with determining of physical – chemical and oenology parameters of wine. As part of this field trip, students attended a presentation given by Mr. Ylber Kuqi, Head of the Institute, who talked about the wine market situation in Kosovo and the activities of the division of Laboratory for Chemical and Physical Analysis of Wine and the Oenology Laboratory as part of wine quality monitoring system.
IBCM would like to thank all the staff from M&Sillos Food Industry, Agrocelina Collection Centre and Wine and Vineyard Institute for their hospitality and willingness to answer questions. The group was very happy to be able to expand their knowledge and see how theory works in practice!