Welcoming the New Director of IBCM: Dr. Brian Staines

IBCM is pleased to announce the successful completion of the process of selecting the new director, therefore wishing a warm welcome to Dr. Brian Staines to the role.

Brian comes to IBCM after an over 30-year experience, working in the field of career guidance and education. He used to serve as head of Careers Guidance at Bristol University and has also worked extensively with multinational companies such as Adidas to deliver skills training to their international sales force team. He has considerable experience in the training of teachers having developed and ran international teacher training courses. His doctoral studies relate directly to the Bologna Process and its applicability as an aid to international labour mobility. Brian specializes in an interactive style of management and learning to ensure maximum participation and involvement of all staff and students. Brian takes over the role from IBCM’s now former director Charlene Miller.

It’s a unique college, with highly motivated staff and students, with a huge potential for development into a leading European educational institution‘, it’s what motivated Brian Staines to join the IBCM team. The new director’s message to the students says: ‘our college faces an exciting future and I am looking forward to working with you to help you develop your full potential.’ Brian’s favorite quote is: ‘education should be and can be fun’. We certainly like this and hope you do to. Some of Brian’s hobbies are:  he loves watching rugby , playing table tennis and hill walking; He  also loves football and is a fan of Glasgow Celtic Football Club.

Brian’s first impressions of IBCM and Mitrovica are: ‘incredibly positive. Everyone making me feel really welcome, already feel at home and thanks to all. Really looking forward to working here.’ ‘Mitrovica, amazing place. Culturally diverse. Looking forward to getting to know more, and meeting more people from throughout the community.’ 

We at IBCM wish Brian a very warm welcome, lots of fun and best of luck in his everyday work here.