Staff Exchange: International week at ISCAP, Porto, Portugal

On 24-28 April 2017, IBCM staff members Faye Mooney, Head of English, Communication and Lecturer in Public Administration, and Mirjana Krsmanovic, Assistant Director, Administration, participated in the International Week of The Porto Accounting and Business School (ISCAP).

They were thrilled to experience the unique culture of university life in Porto, which is full of historical tradition; to share knowledge and experience with the passionate and dedicated ISCAP staff, who were infectious in their enthusiasm for the university; and to spend time with the hard-working and curious students of ISCAP, many of whom balance full-time jobs with evening studies.

Exchanges such as this are made possible through our partnership with ERASMUS+. Opportunities for IBCM student exchanges to this excellent university in the beautiful city of Porto are available until June 2018.

Alexandra Albuquerque, Head of the International Office and coordinator of International Week at ISCAP, said:

“Polytechnic of Porto had the pleasure to host, during the ISCAP International Week 2017, from 24th to 28th April, the delegation from IBCM, Mitrovica – Mirjana Krsmanovic and Faye Mooney – under the framework of the ERASMUS+ project “International Credit Mobility”.

During the one-week visit, the two delegates had the chance to know the facilities and the education offer of ISCAP – Porto Accounting and Business School, attend meetings on Internationalisation, the Immigration Crisis and conference sessions of the SPACE Conference, which was also hosted by ISCAP during the International Week. 

The delegates also had meetings with the international coordinator – Prof. Alexandra Albuquerque – to discuss future cooperation and exchange flows, both for staff and students and with the Head of the English Department – Prof. Cristina Pinto da Silva – where several strategies and actions on language certification were discussed.

Due to the many other international guests present during the International Week, this visit was also a very good opportunity for networking and intercultural exchange.

More visits from and to Mitrovica have been planned during the work sessions, for the coming academic year and we are expected to deepen the partnership between both institutions and promote the knowledge of both cultures and countries among the partner communities”.

IBCM would like to thank ISCAP and their excellent and dedicated team for hosting us during International Week, and look forward to future co-operation.

More information about IBCM’s partnership with ISCAP can be found here.