Announcement of IBCM Funding Situation

Please note: More information, including a summary of the situation, a timeline of events, media coverage, and a statement from the students can be found here

22 May 2017

The Embassies of Sweden, The Netherlands and Switzerland, SPARK and IBCM have issued a joint press release regarding the financial situation currently faced by International Business College Mitrovica (IBCM). 

The International Business College Mitrovica (IBCM) will be forced to close its operations effective July 2017, if the Government of Kosovo does not deliver on its long-standing promises to take on its operational costs from international donors.

Following a request from the Government of Kosovo in 2008, IBCM was founded in March 2010 as an internationally registered not-for-profit foundation, operated by the Dutch non-governmental organization SPARK. Its mission is to provide high quality, practice-oriented education at an affordable rate, in order for it to be socially and economically inclusive. Delivering on its mission, IBCM has become a model of a successful higher education institution and inter-ethnic cooperation in Kosovo, with an 80% employment rate and over 40% of its student body from minority groups.

SPARK/IBCM are committed to working closely with the international community and the government to ensure that this emergency funding is attained so the school can continue as a strong, non-profit, independent and international college.

Urgent request to Kosovo Government

The international donors, IBCM and SPARK call upon the Government of Kosovo, particularly the Prime Minister, the Minister of Education Science and Technology, and the President of Kosovo to:

1.       Urgently decide on emergency funding for IBCM and to release immediately at least the first year of funding, i.e. 600.000 euro, in line with the signed international agreement. Only in that way closure can be avoided.

2.       Work with the next Kosovo Government and Assembly to soonest ratify the earlier approved international agreement to ensure longer term sustainability of IBCM and enable it to function as a non-profit higher education institution under its licence from MEST and Accreditation from German Evalag and the Kosovo Accreditation Agency.

In the absence of a positive decision by the Kosovo Government on emergency funding for IBCM, the College will be closed down in July 2017.

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In response to this announcement, the students of IBCM have launched a campaign to save their education. Please support their Facebook page.