IBCM English Academy Graduation Ceremony – Riverside Campus

IBCM’s English Academy 2017 came to a close this week, with a college style Graduation for all the High School Student participants. The eight-week English program offered excelling high school students a chance to practice their English during relaxed and fun after-school sessions.

Over 100 students from Mitrovica, Skenderaj and Vushtrri Gymnasium visited IBCM for the graduation, which included a welcome from our college Director; a photo competition; and English presentations and games, before the students received their Academy certificates from our Head of English, Faye Mooney.

The eight week course used IBCM’s student-centered learning model, with lessons designed to motivate students to use English practically. During the course students explored phobias, the phenomenon of English mania, analysed persuasive speech through popular advertisements, presented their own inventions and devised a plan to survive on a desert island. With a focus on encouraging speech and building team work skills the students were consistently engaged throughout their eight weeks.

Wendy Grace, the English Academy teacher said “IBCM recognises the importance of understanding English in gaining future meaningful employment. It was an honour to take that college ethos and deliver it to High Schools in and around the local area. It has been a delight to teach our graduating students, and I am proud to have seen their confidence in the classroom grow week on week.”