Field trip: Marketing and Management students visit Johnson Electric in Niš

On Tuesday 25th April IBCM students visited the Niš plant of multi-national electronics company Johnson Electric. With an annual turnover of $2.2 billion, the headquarters of Johnson Electric are based in Hong Kong, but the company has offices all over the world.

Having students witness first-hand the daily activities and successful strategies of such a large and international business is an important part of IBCM studies. Framing what we teach in the classroom with examples of practical application both motivates and prepares students for employment after graduation.

Students were met by Johnson Electric’s HR Manager in Niš, Ana Mitrovic and Chief Strategist in Niš, Marcus Schmitz. As an international team, they talked about the importance of understanding the market and the role of big business in the local economy. They also talked about how expansion can only be successful with thorough research of each new location.

Second semester Marketing and Management student Jovana Stojanovic said of the visit “It was really such an interesting trip. Johnson Electric do not push their own brand, but succeed with such a high turnover thanks to market research and being known as reliably delivering quality electronic goods. How they came to set up a plant in Niš was really very fascinating, and I learnt a lot from the day.”

IBCM would like to thank Johnson Electric for making time to meet with our students.