“I am super excited to start my internship semester!”

It’s March, which means that the “internship semester” has started at IBCM! Many of our fourth and sixth semester students have just commenced their full-time work placements.

As part of every programme, IBCM students are required to complete at least one internship at a business or organisation of their choice. These work placements ensure that students have the practical skills to succeed in competitive work environments, and they are highly valued by future employers.

We talked to Marketing and Management student Tajla Kurpejovic about her internship experience. Tajla, who is from Montenegro, is completing her placement at UBO Consulting in Prishtina. She was able to secure this opportunity after creating contacts with UBO representatives at the IBCM Career Fair last December.

Can you tell us more about how you found your internship placement?

IBCM hosted a Career Day Fair in December 2016. I saw this as an excellent opportunity to connect with businesses and organisations, as I was constantly seeking a challenging internship. At the fair I met with representatives from UBO consulting, which directly led to me securing this placement. I had support from all IBCM teaching and administrative staff, who motivated us students towards engaging with the businesses and organisations. I am super excited to start my internship semester!

What will you be doing on your internship?

My role is “market research analyst” and I am responsible for delivering analysis of the private and public sector in Kosovo. I will be directly working on conducting and analysing data and similar projects related to research and analysis.

How has IBCM given you practical advice to cope in the workplace?

At IBCM, we have covered courses related to research, market research, research methodology, accounting management and financial management which have served to improve my perception and critical thinking, which I think makes me a perfect match for UBO Consulting. I also had help from my teachers to prepare for the interview as part of Business English Course that I took this year.

What are your plans after graduating from IBCM?

I want to develop professionally so after graduating and getting BA at IBCM I would seek a Master degree program with emphasis on international sales or supply chain management. During my Marketing and Management studies, I enjoyed these two courses the most.

Thank you, Tajla! We wish you best of luck with your internship.