IBCM Business Club: “Managing Conflict in the Workplace”

On 14th and 15th March 2017, IBCM resumed their programme of “Business Club” events with two workshops on the theme of “Conflict Management”.

The Business Clubs gathered representatives from various sectors: medium and small enterprises, public offices and NGOs. Guests were invited to share their opinions and expertise on how they manage conflicts that occur within their organizations, and to learn new strategies for managing conflicts within their workplace and strengthen relations within their teams. Participants also had the chance to share ideas and answer questions from IBCM students.

Ms. Violeta Nikolova moderated an interactive session in the IBCM North Campus. After a presentation, participants worked in groups to share their approaches to and experience of conflict management.  Business Club in the South Campus was led by Mr. Rinor Qehaya, who held a discussion about how conflicts start, types of it and how to manage it, avoid it, or turn it in to a benefit for the organization. One of the recurring themes in both events was the need for effective HR practices. We will be exploring this topic in future Business Club events.

IBCM has been bringing international best practice to the local business community through the “Business Club” event series since 2014. As an event which serves our wider community, IBCM Business Club is delivered in local languages. It provides a space for shared learning, networking and development for locally operating businesses and organizations.

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We will be posting some of the insights and advice from these Business Club events on social media over the coming weeks. Keep an eye on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for this and information about our future “Business Club” events.