“IBCM English Academy 2017” is launched.

IBCM has launched the 2017 IBCM English Academy. Led by a native-English speaker teacher, the eight-week English-language programme, gives top high school students a chance to practice using English in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. This year, over 150 top-performing high schools students from across Mitrovica and the surrounding region will participate in the Academy.

Mitro students classroom 1

Using an IBCM-style student-centered learning model, the IBCM English Academy aims to motivate students to use English by incorporating movie clips, popular songs, games and team activities into lessons, and covering wide range of interesting topics, such as instant messaging services, viral marketing techniques, and motivational letters and resumes.

Wendy Grace (UK), the English Teacher leading the IBCM English Academy, said “At IBCM, we recognises that strong English skills can help young people to gain meaningful employment. The goal of the IBCM English Academy is to help students to feel comfortable and confident using the English language, allowing their skills and natural talents to flourish.”

Mitro students classroom 2

IBCM offers its internationally accredited courses in English, with opportunities for students to study abroad in Denmark and Portugal, and to complete professional work placements as part of their studies.

Mitro students in auditorium