Making a good impression: IBCM hosts 125 international master’s students

On 23 January 2017, IBCM was honoured to host 125 students representing over 50 nationalities from the European Master’s Degree in Human Rights & Democratization (EMA) programme in Vienna and the Venice Human Rights Master’s programme.

The visiting students had lots of questions about the college for IBCM staff and students. Jovana  Stanojevic, Aleksandra Lazarevic , Elvira Muja and Rita Vidishiqi spoke about the opportunities and positive experiences they have had at IBCM, as well as their hopes and ambitions for the future.

Student question 1

This was the fourth time IBCM has hosted a group of EMA students. The visit took place as part of a one-week field trip to Kosovo, which has been organised for students of the EMA programme for the last fourteen years. The purpose of the field trip is for students to meet representatives of international organisations, the EU, and international and local NGOs to discuss human rights issues and the political situation in the region. Several former students of the program are now employed in Kosovo, working for the UN, ICO, EULEX and the OSCE.

We were thrilled to receive some great feedback from our international guests:

“I’m really impressed. The students and staff were awesome.”

“It looks like a very professional college that is providing its students with the best tools to face the complex work and economic situation in Kosovo”.

“At IBCM I felt another sense of hope for the future than what I have felt during meetings with other organisations in Kosovo”.

“IBCM gives a genuine impression of caring about their student’s future by promoting their education and personal growth and giving them the opportunity to achieve something in their lives”.

“IBCM seems like a great place to study. The students seem very enthusiastic and they clearly enjoy learning here. The buildings are modern and the courses seem interesting”.

“I enjoyed the sense of respect and harmony between the local and international students and staff of IBCM”.

We would like to thank the visiting students for their attentiveness and their interesting questions during our presentation, and the organisers for choosing to visit IBCM.  We look forward to hosting groups from this distinguished programme in the future.

IBCM girls