Staff exchange in Denmark: “Representing IBCM made me realise how unique our college is!”

November 3rd 2016

In October, IBCM staff Mirjana Krsmanovic, Assistant Director and Head of Administration, and Arjeta Mehmeti, Student and Alumni Coordinator, travelled to Denmark to visit our partner institution, Lillebaelt Academy EAL, Odense, as part of the ERASMUS+  staff exchange mobility for training programme. Mirjana has written a short blog about their experience.


We spent 5 days at EAL Academy, where we had a chance to meet various EAL staff members. We had very constructive meetings, enjoyed their modern facility, and met with IBCM students who are currently on exchange at EAL (Rita Vidishiqi, Elvira Muja and Bojan Andjelic). Furthermore, we had a chance to meet IBCM alumni who currently lives in Denmark, Biljana Krsmanovic, thus I can proudly say that IBCM is connecting people :-).

Representing IBCM in Denmark was a great experience for us because, somehow, we became more aware of IBCM’s uniqueness. That uniqueness is in our diversity – having a mixed student body, faculty, administrative staff and management coming from numerous countries!


Once we stepped out from our work place and home, and were away from our daily routine, and when we had to present to others who we are and what we are doing, we became even more conscious about all of our achievements in such complex environment and the success we have made by bringing all these differences together within one institution! We were proud to be able to say that we really are providing quality education and equipping students with knowledge and skills needed for the labor market, in a way that is, at the end of the day, resulting in economic growth of this region.

At the end, I would like to emphasize that we benefited a lot from this trip and we are glad to have been given an opportunity to participate in ERASMUS+ Program – such opportunities maintain the international character of IBCM.