Guest Lecture by Veli Hoti to IBCM Business Planning Students

Tuesday, November 29th, IBCM hosted Mr. Veli Hoti for a lecture on ‘The Role of Intellectual Property Rights – Business Development’ to the 3rd semester business planning students. Mr. Hoti is currently Director and Co-founder at Kosovo Institute of Intellectual Property and IPR Partner at Shita & Associates and and Legal Expert for the European Knowledge and Technology Transfer Society. Veli is a graduate from Law Faculty of Maastricht University.


Mr. Hoti gave a very insightful lecture on Intellectual Property Rights, IPR Treaties, Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights etc. He explained the role of Intellectual Property Rights to the students using numerous examples from known companies to best illustrate the main points of this presentation. The lecture was very interesting to students, whom had many questions. This lecture was facilitated by our professor Mr. Niall Ardil.


Guest lectures such as these are very important part of IBCM’s learning model, to build on professional expertise and diverse experience. We would like to extend our thanks to Mr. Veli Hoti for his fascinating presentation.