Danish lecturer Vibeke Syppli Enrum visits IBCM

October 21st, 2016

This week, we were delighted to welcome to IBCM Professor Vibeke Syppli Enrum from our partner institution University College Lillaebelt (UCL) in Denmark.


Vibeke (second from right) with IBCM Heads of Department.

Vibeke is a Professor of Public Administration at UCL. This was not her first time in Mitrovica, as she has been involved with IBCM as a key teacher in Public Administration department since the college was founded (IBCM students receive degrees from Denmark as well as from IBCM).

During the week Vibeke conducted lectures and workshops with IBCM students in both north and south campuses on the themes of minority rights and refugees in Denmark and centralization in Europe, with Denmark as an example.

She has also been catching up with the IBCM students she taught while they were on exchange in Denmark earlier this year. During Blond, Erza and Fatbardha had the opportunity to present their international study experiences to their former professor and their fellow students.

We have really enjoyed having Vibeke’s energy and enthusiasm on campus this week and look forward to continued co-operation with our Danish partners.

We would like to thank Erasmus+ who funded this staff exchange.