New students tell us why they are coming to IBCM

The IBCM community is growing more rapidly than ever! IBCM is receiving a very high number of applications this year, showing that the only “internationally accredited” higher education institution in Mitrovica is becoming an established brand in the region.


By always following the unique motto “From Theory to Practice”, IBCM has differentiated itself as an institution that delivers quality education from the very beginning. This is one of the reasons the college has become the ‘talk of the town’: the word has spread and new students are aware that after graduating from IBCM they will have the necessary skills for their profession, gained through mandatory internship experiences – and this is reflected in the high graduate employment rate of 81%.

We know this because the new students tell us! Check out some of the reasons our 2016/17 applicants have chosen IBCM for their future education:

 “I know that I’ll get real professional skills at IBCM that will help me get a job”

“I love the vibe of the place – it has a friendly, fun atmosphere, there is a real student community”

“The thing I like about IBCM is that the focus is on the students, not just the teachers like at other universities”

“I’d really like to improve my English – at IBCM, everything is in English!”

“I’m impressed by the 81% employment rate”

“I can’t believe you can have such an international experience here in Mitrovica!”

“I heard great things about this school. I want to be part of it!”