#IBCMSummerGames embrace the spirit of summer!

In celebration of the summer months, IBCM is organizing a Summer Games tour for the first time ever. #IBCMSummerGames are being held across the region, and are open to all young people who wish to take part in some competitive fun. The Games embrace not only the relaxed spirit of summer, but the hands on, practical and fun approach to learning at IBCM.IMG_0917


So far, five events have been organized, with young people from all over the region getting involved and having an amazing time. The competitive spirit has been very high, with some impressive performances – and we have of course had some hilarious moments too!

IMG_0927 (1)

Of course, this being summer, there has been some very hot weather, which was not enough to stop the enthusiastic competitors in South Mitrovica, and we have had some storms too – the participants were determined to keep going through the dark clouds in Leposavic!

IBCM wants to thank everyone that has participated, and especially congratulate those that won their games. We are thrilled that so many young people have been part of this exciting adventure, and look forward to the remaining events this summer. Check our Facebook to see if there is an event near you!