Jelena Stanojevic, IBCM Best Lecturer 2016, Riverview Campus

By nomination of the IBCM 2016 bachelors graduating class (Riverview campus), Ms. Jelena Stanojevic has received the award for “Best Lecturer 2016”.


The prize was awarded in recognition of her outstanding teaching methodologies and availability for student support. It was presented at the 2016 bachelors’ graduation ceremony.

As the Best Lecturer award is decided by students, it has a special significance for IBCM teaching faculty. We caught up with Jelena after the award was presented. Read her interview in full below.

What do you teach at IBCM?

As a Lecturer in Economics at IBCM, I teach the following courses: Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Financial Statement Analysis, Investment Theory and Finance and Management Accounting. Also, I am the co-ordinator for the General Semester.

How long have you been teaching at IBCM?

I have been teaching at IBCM for more than five years.

What’s your academic/professional background?

As an economist by profession with a bachelor and master degree in Economics, I am currently doing my PhD in Macroeconomics.

A lot of people say our teaching style sets us apart from other HE institutions in the region. How would you characterize your own teaching style? 

Our motto is “From Theory to Practice”, and it is constantly present in my classroom. I try to create a pleasant atmosphere in the classroom based on mutual respect, where students learn something new, enjoy lessons and actively participate in them. All theories are explained through real life and real business examples.

What has been your most memorable experience so far at IBCM?

Every class is a memorable experience. It is an amazing to observe enthusiasm and eagerness from students to listen and learn what I am about to deliver, and to see the successes of them not only on my courses but in their whole studies and lives.

IBCM students obviously think there’s something a little bit special about you. What would you say, in return, is special about IBCM students?

It is a pleasure to work with our students, a privilege to be a part of their education and to contribute to their study and life. They are young people eager to learn in order to build their career and it is a wonderful to watch their progress.

What advice would you leave today with our new Bachelor graduates? 

I wish them luck in their future lives and careers. Since they have now gained a great educational background at IBCM, they should continue their learning path and build themselves privately and professionally.


Congratulations, Jelena!