Marketing and Management field trip to Philip Morris Operations in Niš

Marketing and Management students from International Business College Mitrovica recently visited the Philip Morris Operations tobacco factory in Niš.


Philip Morris Operations is the largest tobacco factory in Serbia, and The Niš factory is one of the most advanced operations in the Philip Morris global network of factories. Phillip Morris’s are strong market leaders, producing international brands such as Marlboro, Parliament, L&M, Bond Street, Philip Morris and Next and  local brand Drina. This makes the company a fascinating case-study for our students.


Managers from Philip Morris Operations organized and conducted the ICM visit. Students were taken on a tour of the factory, where they saw Marlboro cigarettes being made in a modern and technologically advanced environment. They were also exposed to five presentations, which were highly relevant to the work they do in the classroom, and they had many questions for the Phillip Morris representatives. Topics covered included:

  • Process of product development
  • OPEN tools method
  • Supply Chain Management in Philip Morris Company
  • Human Resources Management in Philip Morris Company


The visit was a great opportunity for IBCM students to place their theoretical knowledge in a practical context, proving the IBCM slogan: From Theory to Practice!